Pasar Santa Recap 2016

Pasar Santa by Anak Jajan

credit: anakjajan

Amongst all the hype of food trucks and coffee shops and Pantai Indah Kapuk – because PIK never dies – what has happened to Pasar Santa? Do people even remember the place? It hasn’t even been a year since the start of the Pasar Santa food kiosk buzz and yet it’s already gone from the hype train.

In late 2014, the once traditional Pasar Santa took on a whole new life with the addition of ABCD Coffee, one of the first of many food kiosks to come. Lured in by the low rent and opportunity, they opened business aimed at the young foodie crowd that routinely scours Jakarta’s streets in search of new things. ABCD Coffee’s success brought other like-minded restaurateurs to Pasar Santa.

Pasar Santa by Anak Jajan

credit: anakjajan

While some iconic food kiosks, like Claypot Popo and Cublak have since closed down, others, like Papricano Mexican Cantina and Ki.cchin are still holding on. Overall, though, the food hype is declining. Vendors are seeing up to fifty per cent decreases in sales, even on event days and the rent is now higher than ever – some kiosk owners have even hiked up the rent sixfold!

Some specialty music and clothing stores are experiencing a small revival of sorts but it may have come too late as many have already closed down due to lack of business. If you haven’t yet been to Pasar Santa, now may be a good time to visit. While there will always be the few successful (or simply stubborn) stragglers left behind in a couple of months’ time, it’s best to check it out before that happens.

Without any further ado, here are the top vendors that you should keep an eye out on when you go to Pasar Santa.

Papricano, Mexican Cantina

credit: makanlagilagimakan

credit: makanlagilagimakan

We don’t care if you’re not religious, thank the lord that Papricano Mexican Cantina still stands. One of the original food kiosks in Pasar Santa, there’s a good reason that Papricano was so popular and we definitely think that you should check it out.

When: Wednesday – Sunday; 15:00 – 21:00
Instagram: @papricano_mexicancantina


Laidback Blues Record Store

credit @laidbackbluesrecordstore

While Pasar Santa is most well known for its colourful food kiosks, there are also plenty of specialty stores that you should definitely check out as well! Laidback Blues Record Store is one of the must-go places if you’re into vinyls or looking to get into vinyls. They’ve got a really cool selection of albums and you’re bound to leave with one in your hands (even if you weren’t planning on it).

When: Everyday, 15:00 – 22:00
Instagram: @laidbackbluesrecordstore




credit: eshtravaganza

credit: eshtravaganza

D.O.G. is one of the more expensive options at Pasar Santa, but if the amazing reviews haven’t swayed you yet, then hopefully our word will. Known as the King of Black Buns (not really), they have meaty, cheesy toppings that’ll fill up even the hungriest of tummies. We don’t know what Jakarta’s done to deserve such amazing hot dogs, but we hope they stay for a long time yet.

When: Friday – Sunday; 11:00 – 22:00
Instagram: Black Dog Pasar Santa



Heretostay in Pasar Santa

credit: @heretostay

If you’re in the mood for some cool, street fashion, then you must check out Heretostay. They sell everything from hats, to shirts and even socks – they have some really cool socks, too. If you don’t have the vinyl bug, then don’t worry because Heretostay sells CDs, so you’re good to go.

When: Everyday, 13:00 – 20:00
Instagram: @heretostayjakarta



credit: eshtravaganza

credit: eshtravaganza

Noodles, noodles, oodles of noodles at Miechino! There’s always someone who’re craving these delicious Miechino noodles. A culinary adventure at Pasar Santa is never complete without a bowl of these. Fresh, yummy and affordable – what more could we want?

When: Tuesday – Sunday 12:00 – late
Instagram: @mie.chino


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