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After a week of searching, AQUA Reflections dining guide returns with its newest post – a chic dining experience. Now, we’ve all been waiting for this post, ladies – are we right? Sometimes we can’t help but wonder, where is the best place to have a subtle, and perfect dining moment. Well, no look further than Huize Van Wely at The Papilion Duo. Yes, Huize Van Wely is also there at The Papilion at Kemang – but this time we take the liberty to catch up at the Pacific Place branch. Oh – before we forget, this article is also curated and approved by AQUA Reflections spokesperson himself, Master Chef – Arnold Poernomo. Huize Van Wely The Papilion DuoNow for the dining moment – it was sometime between 10:30 in a sunny morning when we stop by. Jazz tunes swinging by on the background, high ceiling on the interior, and a neat – and stylish table setting awaits – all these seems like the perfect entrée to a perfect meal.  We start our way with the appetizer, Escargot De Bourgogne. Served with mini French roll, these delicious treat is marinated perfectly with garlic butter sauce – leaving a sensational, yet crisp after taste on every bite. This menu is definitely a must have for everyone. Huize Van Wely The Papilion DuoFor the second course, we are presented with the Organic Chicken Pasta. Complimented with a great angel hair pasta – the perfectly cooked roasted organic chicken is served with crispy oyster mushroom  and champignon sauce. What we love about this dish is its perfect – “not too oily” texture and after taste that is usually presented on every angel hair pasta menu. It’s a great meal for someone who doesn’t want to eat too much.

Huize Van Wely The Papilion DuoAt the end, seal your chic meal with its signature Duck Leg Confit – who made it to the top 5 by one of national’s culinary magazine. Kudos! The duck leg confit is complimented with mustard seed sauce, and baby potatoes (which tastes like heaven). This is definitely a must have dish whenever you’re in Huize Van Wely.

Huize Van Wely The Papilion DuoOf course, not all chic dining experience is closed with just a main course. For the closing menu, we are presented with three phenomenal creations that Huize Van Wely hosted – the Chocolate Pyramid, The Tonka Bombe, and The Strawberry Cheesecake. How’s the taste? Well, we even bought these babies for take away after our meal – so yes, its so good. Be sure to arrive early if you want the Tonka Bombe as it runs out fast. Huize Van Wely The Papilion DuoIn conclusion, every meal is created perfectly and served with high distinction. Would we come back? Absolutely – but do take note that the Huize Van Wely at Papilion Duo has a very limited seat – so you might want to move your large gathering to the one at Kemang, which has a more bigger capacity. Stay tuned for the next AQUA Reflections Dining Guide – where we’ll show you a great hideout for Korean barbeque meal.

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