Otanjōbiomedetō OKU!

Eating at OKU, Kempinski Jakarta was one of the experiences that we cherished the most. Why not? Their Japanese dishes are to die for! You can tell by reading the article about our very first time trying this gem (click here for full review). Until now, they still stand strong and even better. In fact, last week was their first anniversary! Time flies so fast, huh?

To celebrate the big day, OKU held a seven course lunch time and invited their friends to taste all the exquisite creations. When it comes to OKU, we definitely will “volunteer as a tribute” to finish all those scrumptious foods :p

So these are the spectacular seven menu:

Kaki – Japanese Oyster | Wasabi Sorbet

If you’re not a fan of sashimi, you might avoid this menu. But, if you’re a fan, you will definitely adore this. The oyster is fresh and the wasabi sorbet is amazing.

Uni – Sea Urchin | Chutoro | Seaweed Cracker

And again, it’s enjoyable for sashimi lovers only. The sea urchin is served with black caviar and chutoro (tuna belly) on top of the seaweed cracker. Super posh!

Nodoguro – Soup of Rosy Sea Bass

A soup with sea bass fish as the main ingredients. Simple at its best.

Tsukiji Market – Seasonal Fish from Japan

Tasting this will give you a glimpse of Tsukiji Market in Tokyo, a traditional market that offers you a best experience in eating fresh seafoods. And yep, this plate is full of indulging seasonal fish all the way from Japan. The presentation is very fun and unique.

Karasumi Pasta – Ikura | Angel Hair Pasta

The al dente angel hair pasta served with salmon roe on top. We love salmon roe so we enjoyed eating this.

Kamo – Duck 3 Ways | Smoked with Rice Straw | Aged Soy Salt

The duck is cooked perfectly. You can eat it with wasabi and the brown sauce.

Unagi – Fresh Water Eel Rice Porridge | Charcoal Grill Rice

Another exciting menu for us: Unagi! It’s served with charcoal grill rice and broth. Who doesn’t love unagi anyway?

Mizu – Water Mochi | Kinako | Anmitsu Sauce

It looked like a jelly to us on the first time. Turns out, it’s a water mochi! Very unique because it’s served transparent with kinako (roasted soybean flour) and anmitsu sauce.

Matcha – Green Tea | White Chocolate | Raspberry Marshmallow

The perfect closure! The green tea mousse is amazing, everything on this plate are fantastic! It melts in our mouth perfectly.

We had a very delightful time at OKU, thank you Kempinski Team for having us!

Once again, otanjōbiomedetōgozaimasu (happy birthday) OKU, stay fabulous!

When:  Monday – Sunday
12:00 – 15:00
18:00 – 22:00
12:00 – 15:00
18:00 – Late

Where: Hotel Indonesia Kempinski Jakarta, Ground Floor
Jl. M.H. Thamrin No 1
Central Jakarta

More info: +6221 2358 3896

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