Out of The Ordinary Valentine’s Day Ideas

Valentine’s Day is coming! What’s your plan for 14th of February? We could tell you the best places for a romantic dinner date, but no, that’s boring. So instead we’ll show you some other stuff.

Valentine’s Day is not always about fancy dining, big flower bouquets, or chocolatey things. What matters the most is celebrating how far you have come with your loved one and celebrating it in many ways, with no specific rules. Dinner, flowers, and chocolates are fine, but do you want to try something extraordinary for your Valentine’s day? If you want to, this blog is meant to be for you. We dare you to be different this year!

City of Stars, are you shining just for me…

Recognise the lyrics? Yes, it’s one of the soundtrack from the recently hip movie La La Land. There are two favourite scenes for us and both inspired us to write this extraordinary things to do for couple. So, let’s scroll down for more explanation!

Bukit Moko

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Our first favourite scene is when Mia and Sebastian dance with a glimpse of city lights. So, why don’t you take a small trip out of Jakarta with your lover and mesmerise them with the beautiful view of Bandung’s city lights on Bukit Moko at night. You can sit, relax, talk about anything and just enjoy the magnificent view. Of course, if you want to sing and dance, please record it and tag #jktgo. Bukit Moko is located in Cimenyan Village, West Java. We recommend you to use your own vehicle and because of its high location and rocky road, you might need to walk a little bit. A little exercise won’t hurt right?

Ticket price: IDR 8.000 – IDR 10.000

Planetarium Jakarta

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And our second favourite scenes is when they fly and dance around the Planetarium surrounded by stars. That’s very magical! And did you know that you can find a planetarium too in Jakarta? It’s located in Taman Ismail Marzuki, Cikini. In their star theatre, you can learn more about astronomy and the universe. Who knows maybe you can also fly and dance around just like Sebastian and Mia (JKTGO does not recommend this. Please. Don’t.)

Ticket price: IDR 5.000 – IDR 10.000

More info: +6221 230 5146 /

Sakura Hunting

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If Japan is too far and you have no time to fly because of your busy schedule, you can just visit Taman Sakura at Kebun Raya Cibodas, Bogor. Apparently, they have more than a few Sakura (cherry blossom) trees. It may not be exactly the same as Japan but at least you can both explore nature together and try to make an instagenic photo. Also, why  not pack a picnic basket and guitar as well so you can serenade your loved one?

The best time to visit this garden is around January – February or July – August when the flowers finally bloom. Make sure you come at the right time so you leave with no regrets. Call them first before planning to go there. They open everyday from 08.00 – 17.00.

More info: +62 263 511385 /

Private Getaway

If you two are very busy and haven’t gotten any quality time together, you can also plan a private getaway where you can stay for one or two nights. If you prefer the easy way, you can just book a room at luxurious 5 star hotel in Jakarta. But if you want more than that, keep reading!

Pulau Macan

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Pulau Macan is an Eco Friendly Resort Island and you can get there in only one and a half hours by speed boat from The Marina in Ancol, North Jakarta. It’s very beautiful, natural, and definitely the right place to relax and celebrate moments that you have achieved together. Here, you can also do fun activities such as snorkelling, canoeing, sunbathing (and rubbing sunscreen on their back), and many more! How lovey dovey!

Click here for more information about tour packages and here for room rates.


If you two want to get out of your comfort zone and try to be more adventurous, glamping (glamour camping) would be a great thing to do for Valentine’s day. It’s wild, fun, and very popular these days and best of all, no mosquitos. We have already made a blog about where to go glamping around Jakarta so you can find our recommended places by clicking here. Go check it out!

Romantic Movie Night at Subtitles

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For all you movie buffs, you can also plan a romantic movie night! You can book a private room and bring your own movie just for two of you. Subtitles is located in the basement of Dharmawangsa Square. They have almost 4000 DVDs in total that you can choose to watch. You may bring your own movie but it must be an original one with CD, DVD, or flash disk. You are not allowed to bring foods or drinks from the outside so if you’re hungry, you can order at their own cafe.

Price: IDR 175.000 for 2 hours (weekdays) / IDR 230.000 for 2 hours (weekend)

More info: +6221 7278 8336 / @subtitlesgroup

Discovering Hidden Activities in Jakarta

Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to experience something that you two have never been. It would be great to share some excitements with your dearest one. We have a list of hidden activities in Jakarta that you can try together and it will be so much fun, trust us. Read our Hidden Activities in Jakarta Part 1 and Part 2!

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