One Wild Day at Madagaskar

We can never imagine what it feels like to be stranded in the jungle. What to eat, where to sleep, how can we find a clean water to drink or how to survive from the wild animals? We hope that it won’t ever happen to us.

Unless it’s in Madagaskar, we are very okay with that. Because in this jungle, you can find many good foods, cosy atmosphere and animals who won’t ever bite you.

Madagaskar is a newly opened jungle themed restaurant at Plaza Senayan. When you enter the venue, you will immediately feel the tropical vibes. There’s a lot of trees, plants, waterfall and also animatronic animals like snakes, elephants, giraffes to make the jungle comes alive.

With its unique concept, Madagaskar would be a perfect place to eat and relax with your family, especially with kids. Your little one will be very happy to explore this place. When you look up to the ceiling, you can see a sky full of stars. Even it’s fake, the ceiling still looks magical! Two thumbs up for the ambiance because they’re really taking this seriously.

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For the foods, there’s a lot to choose from the menu. Mostly, they serve Asian, Mexican and Western dishes.

Yellow Jungle Fowl Taquitos

Peacock Olio Pasta

Cheese Cake

Berry Cheesecake Madness

The Yellow Jungle Fowl Taquitos is our favourite so far. It’s a Mexican food made with tortilla, vegetables and meat. The guacamole on top is fresh and tasty so it really stands out from the rest. Overall, the foods taste wise and worth a try. Other than that, you can also find a mini store that sells cute souvenirs like dolls, mugs, bags and many more.

If you’re looking for a place to eat with full entertainment and unique concept, Madagaskar is the answer!

When: Monday – Sunday / 11:00 – 23:30

Where: Plaza Senayan Level P5
Jalan Asia Afrika No.8

More info: +6221 5790 6082 /

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