One Day with TransJakarta

Countdown to Eid Al-Fitr 2017! Or should we just sing Lebaran sebentar lagi~

Next week, we are going to feel the ideal traffic of Jakarta, because most of Jakartans will go back to their hometown (read: mudik). Say good bye to peak hour and traffic jam (for a while)!

With the “free traffic” condition in Jakarta, next week is the perfect time to do something fun, the thing that you haven’t done before like using our public transportation, TransJakarta!

Here are some tips about how to spend one whole day using TransJakarta. There are three places that you should visit: Pasar Baru, Monas and Kota Tua. So, let the hunt begins!

Pasar Baru

Courtesy : Enjoy Jakarta

Pasar Baru, known also as Passer Baroe is a traditional market that offers you a lot of things. You will love this place, because the architecture is very old yet cool, and you can also find many unique stuff here. If you’re feeling hungry, you can stop by at the legendary Cakwe Ko Atek. They offer delicious and probably the best cakwe in town!

To access this place is very easy. All you have to do is just go to the nearest TransJakarta shelter.

If you start it from Blok M, make sure you hop into the number “1” bus that stops at “Kota”. After that, you need to hop again into the number “7” bus and it only takes you 30 minutes from Blok M to Pasar Baru on the free traffic day. Easy and convenient!

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Courtesy : Indoindians

After strolling around Pasar Baru, it’s time for you to move into the central side of Jakarta and admiring the historical Monas. It’s very close from Pasar Baru, only takes 10 minutes to go there, using the number “7 A” bus.

Monas is a great destination for you and friends because you can take a lot of pictures here. If you want to learn more about our history, you can also visit The National History Museum and The Hall of Independence. Going up to The Observation Deck and Flame of Independence would also be great! You can view the magnificent scenery of Jakarta from 115 metres above ground.

Kota Tua

Courtesy : Hello-pet

Heading to Kota Tua will be an exciting closure at night. You will see a lot of tourist walking around or even riding an onthel (roadster bicycle). From Monas, you can use number “2, 2A , 2B” bus to Harmoni station and then hop into the number “1” bus to Kota Tua.

After you arrive, don’t forget to look around because usually there will be a lot of entertainment. You can spot many traditional foods, antique stuffs and many more!

That’s a wrap everybody! If you have any other suggestion about interesting places to go during holiday, you can drop a comment or DM us on instagram.

Click here for more info about TransJakarta routes.

Happy holiday guys. Wishing you and your family a blessed Eid Al-Fitr 2017!

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