Nomz: Ramadhan Menu

Located in Grand Indonesia, Nomz Kitchen & Pastry provides an Asian fusion with a mix of multi-cultured experiences by two professional chefs. In light of the Ramadhan holiday, chefs Arnold Poernomo and Pastry Chef Kim Pangestu have handcrafted a new menu for the holiday. Some of which consists of the following dishes:

Blackpepper Beef Brisket with Leek and Coriander


Served with steamed rice, this dish consists of the beef brisket coated with the blackpepper sauce and garnished with leek and coriander. The brisket was soft and fully cooked, however, the pepper was rather overpowering even when eaten with the fluffy and hot rice. The dish was a kick in the mouth.

“Catch of the Day” with Sambal Balado, Crispy Shallots and Fried Egg


A dish crafted to fulfil your savory craving; this dish consists of a well-cooked fish with a spiced, colorful, and bold coating that is rich in flavor. Texture wise, it was soft on the inside and full of flavor in the outside. This Indonesian dish is displays the traditional culture that this country holds, along with the Sambal Balado that gives that extra spice to foodies that love a hot twist, also our favorite of the menu.

Nomz Roasted Chicken with Sautéed Vegetables and Thailand Soy Sauce


Bringing the Thailand cuisine to your plate, Nomz’s roasted chicken has been cooked to delight. Although, an essential component would be the Thailand soy sauce provided, bringing you a sour, sweet, and spicy taste to your plate. This dish also comes with a bowl of fluffy rice that balances the flavors and fill up your palate.

Sticky Date Pudding with Salted Caramel Sauce


Get ready for this sweet, hot, yet slightly savory dish to satisfy your cravings for the final end to your meal. This dessert, unlike many other desserts, is served warm with a drench of salted caramel sauce. However, this dish provides a rather heavy serving to your taste buds regardless of the fact that it is still a delicious dish ready to be consumed.

Croissant bread and Butter Pudding with Pandan Anglaise


If the date pudding is not to your liking, do not hesitate to try a more lighter, brighter, traditional dessert like the one presented. This dessert is composed of the famous croissant bread served as a butter pudding with raisins incorporated with it. This dessert is then dressed with pandan anglaise that is both light and sweet, yet you can still taste the pandan that brings you straight home to the country of Indonesia, another favorite of ours.

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