The Next Generation Chef Championship

JKTGO Team is a huge fan of Masterchef Cooking Show! We love to see how the experts show their cooking skills and how the contestants manage themselves under the pressure. And at the end, it feels great to see some people, making their culinary dream come true after the intense competition. Happiness and tears all at once!

On October 30th, we witnessed The Next Generation Chef Championship at Ritz-Carlton Pacific Place. As a fan of cooking show, we were very happy to attend this event. It was tense yet fun to watch! This competition was held by Victorian Government as one of their campaign to promote the benefits of eating Australian Grass-Fed Beef!

We have written some articles about Australian grass-fed beef on our website. If you paid attention, we’re very sure that you have known a lot about the advantages of eating this kind of beef. Let us remind you a bit!

Australian grass-fed beef is naturally low in fat and cholesterol, offering a higher level of omega 3 fatty acids, thought to lower blood pressure and reduce the risks of certain types of cancers. It has a lot of benefits compared to the grain-fed beef (Read also: The Time for Grass-Fed Beef).

On the first stage of the competition, they held training classes about ‘how to cook Australian Grass-fed beef’ at 10 elite culinary schools in Indonesia:

  1. Sekolah Tinggi Pariwisata Trisakti
  2. Sekolah Tinggi Pariwisata Sahid
  3. Universitas Pelita Harapan
  4. Swiss German University
  5. Universitas Bunda Mulia
  6. BINUS University
  7. Podomoro University
  8. Sekolah Tinggi Pariwisata Bandung
  9. Akademi Pariwisata NHI Bandung
  10. Sekolah Tinggi Pariwisata Nusa Dua Bali

Ten best students from each culinary school were chosen to present their very best creation at the grand final. The winning prize is a trip to Melbourne, including attending the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival in March 2018.

And it’s not a competition without the judges. They were Brett Stevens (Commissioner for Victoria to South East Asia), Alejandro Saravia (owner of Pastuso Melbourne), Sean Macdougall (Executive Chef of The Ritz-Carlton Pacific Place, Jakarta) and Antoine Audran, Executive Chef of PTT Family. Tim Hollands, the owner of Tims Food Australia and the mentor of the cooking-training roadshow also came to the event.

The contestants were given 45 minutes to cook their meal. After that, the judges tasted their creations and scored them. The jury decided that the winner was Chef Reses Dana Saputra from Akademi Pariwisata NHI Bandung. Congratulations, you did great man!

The competition ended with a VIP lunch with all of the judges and representatives from the Victorian Government, the winner of cooking competition, and culinary school representatives. Chef Alejandro Saravia served three grass-fed beef dishes for the VIP lunch. And trust us, it was so good!

And that’s a wrap! Once again, congratulations to all the contestants, you have worked really well. And to Victorian Government and chefs, thank you for the wonderful meal!

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