New Habit for Young Millennials and Professionals!

Co-Working Space.

It must be very boring and dull when you spent your entire day in the office, but say no more to lame office day thanks to “Co-Working Space”. It’s not situated in outer space LOL but it’s a space for you to work and connect with other people from different backgrounds. Nowadays, you can find many co-working spaces in Jakarta-Metro.

Here are the 4 advantages of working at co-working space:

1. Mingle with new friends

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At co-working space, you can make new friends and connect with them without distraction. You can just do anything you want and make a good engagement with them. At co-working space, you are able to create new networking beyond your imagination. It allows you to expand more, just like facebook did but this one could happen in your real life.

2. Co-Working space as a new temple

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While you’re working, it’s very essential to keep quiet and calm because we have to respect others. Co-Working Space offers you peace. With this advantage, you can have your own space to work productively and change your surrounding into your own ‘temple’.

3. Help you to save more money!

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Yes, while you are working at Co-Working Space you can save your money. Let’s say if you visit a coffee shop, you might spend around IDR 100.000 for foods and drinks, but if you go to the co-working space all you need is IDR 30.000 – 50.000 for a whole productive day. You can also use their Wi-Fi anytime (unless there’s an error from the Internet provider, it’s beyond our control).

4. New Habit in The Metro City

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For you, young professionals you are entering the “high mobility and flexibility” era. Some people said “you’ll be influenced by 5 people closest to you”, and yes they are right. If you are working at Co-Working Space there’s bunch of professionals who goes from town to town, meeting to meeting without even get bored, because they create a new habit: be independent!

If you guys need any reccomendation, we would like to give you one : EvHive!.

They offer you spacious place, good services and all of the checklists above, make sure you check their Instagram here

You can also check our collaboration video with EvHive here.

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