Craziest Martabak Flavours!

Calling out all martabak lovers in Jakarta! Don’t claim to be as one if you haven’t tried these flavours:

Martabak Telur Rendang with Mozzarella Cheese

From the name only, we bet that you have imagined how phenomenal it is! It’s a special creation from Martruckbucks and claimed to be the first ever in Jakarta. Savoury rendang with mozzarella cheese on top, so flavourful! There’s also another unique flavours that you must try in here like Martabak Chicken Balado and Martabak Telur Asin!

martruckbucksPhoto: Courtesy of @martruckbucks

Where: Jl. Taman Sunter Indah, Jakarta,
North Jakarta
When: Monday – Sunday / 11:00 – 22:00
More info: +62878 8136 0200

Martabak with Caramel and Marie Regal

Fan of marie regal? If you’re, better try this Martabak with Caramel and Marie Regal, created by Mistertabak. Both are surely a perfect match. Who doesn’t love marie regal anyway? This menu is one of the recommended martabak in here. And, they’re also a specialist for mozzarella martabak in Jakarta.

mr. tabakPhoto: Courtesy of @mistertabak

Where: Jl. Radio Dalam Raya No. 88
South Jakarta
When: Monday, Wednesday – Sunday / 15:00 – 23:00
More info: +62878 7775 7580

Martabak Porky BBQ Beefacon

Another guilty pleasure for every martabak lovers, Martabak Porky BBQ Beefacon from Martabak Gue! They use pork bacon, smoked beef, and BBQ sauce as the toppings with melted cheese on top. Feels like eating pizza after taste this. Too delicious to be missed!

martabak porky bbqPhoto: Courtesy of @jktdelicacy

Where: Star Wash, Taman Ratu
West Jakarta
When: Monday – Sunday / 17:00 – 23:00
More info: +62812 8744 8421

Martabak Gelato

Martabak Gelato is an extraordinary invention by Martabakku Menteng. They combine two of our favourite things, martabak and gelato. Melted ice cream between the martabak layer with smoky effect from the liquid nitrogen, the presentation is very appealing. You surely can’t miss this!

martabakku mentengPhoto: Courtesy of @cnlulaby

Where: Menteng, Ahmad Dahlan, Cipete,
Gandaria City, Kemang
When: Monday – Sunday / 11:00 – 00:00
More info: +62815 8588 8588

Martabucks Japanese Curry

Another unique way to taste martabak telur: Martabak Japanese Curry! It’s one of the creation from Martabucks. FYI, this place is belong to Uya Kuya and Luna Maya, one of the Indonesian actor and actress. Another tantalizing menu that you can’t miss in here are Martabucks Wagyu, Martabucks Teriyaki, and Martabucks Frankfurters Kornet!

martabucksPhoto: Courtesy of @martabucks_enaks

Where: Kampung Kemang
Jl. Kemang Raya No.18
When: 15:00 – 00:00
More info: @martabucks_enaks

So tempting right?
Please don’t blame us if you gain weight after trying these :3

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