Munch, Booze and Chill at Yabai Izakaya

Another HIDDEN GEM uncovered in the City! Looking for the best place to hang out, where it’s comfortable enough for a long chatty session while indulging comfort food and drinks, has been a never ending search for millennial nowadays.  NEW IN TOWN – Recently opened last October 2018 and under the same management with Maple & Oak ( one of the city famous brunch spot). Yabai Izakaya is a hidden Japanese Gastropub tucked in-between Central Jakarta, that deserves the title of The most Cozy and Scrumptious Japanese Comfort Food!

Yabai Izakaya, a Neo Nippon Restaurant that specialize in Kushiyaki, Donburi and Japanese Tapas. Portraying the image of “Dangerously Addictive” for customers to keep on coming back and crave for more!

Yabai is located right beside Maple and Oak at De Ritz  at Jl. HOS. Cokroaminoto No.91, RT.3/RW.5, Menteng, Kota Jakarta Pusat.  The authentic vibrant Kyoto vibes greets you with a warm welcome. The minimalist wooden surrounding with a touch of blue waves across the dining place create this hospitable and homely feeling for customers, that keeps them inside for a long time. The dim light during afternoon, surprisingly works to cool down the sizzling hot weather outside. Let us take a closer of Yabai Izakaya interior design:






Now, the moment we all have been waiting for. Let’s dig in to the food that Yabai offers. We must say, they have the most complete Japanese comfort food in town, you can find almost every Category, from skewers to healthy food and even Japanese fusion main courses. Starting with the ” Skewered Goodness” Category, we try their Tebasaki ( Chicken Wing) and Tsukune ( Chicken Meatball). At the first bite, you will feel strong savory  authentic Japanese flavor kicks in, and the sauce clearly sinks in deep to every layer of the chicken meat ( which we really love and appreciate), increase your appetite since the beginning of your dining experience.

Other option for Skewered Goodness varies from Gyutan ( Beef Tounge), Ebi Cheezu ( Sweet Prawn and Mozzarella Cheese), Gyu Karubi ( Beef Shortribs), Momo Negi ( Chicken Thigh and Spring Onion), Gyu Enoki ( Beef Shortribs with Enoki Mushroom) and also Gyu Cheezu ( Beef Shortribs and Mozzarella Cheese). The Skewer are pocket friendly, ranging from only IDR 15K – 24K! they are perfect if you pair them with alcohol based drinks like Shochu, beers and Sake!



Tsukune with Soy and Egg yolk sauce


Talking about Yabai Izakaya’s signature drink Shochu, it is their special beverage menu, and you can’t find it anywhere else. Shochu is Yabai Special Creation of Rice Sake that is infused with variety of fresh tropical fruits like Pineapple, Honeydew, Yuzu, Plum & Cherry for 21 days to enhance fresh fruity flavor. For you who loves the taste of warm alcohol but hate getting hangover the next day. Yabai’s exclusive Shochu creation will satisfy your alcohol cravings without getting you knocked out on the next day. Another distinctive beverage creation from Shochu is their “Shochutini”. Yabai’s Creation Craft Tini-Cocktails! Straight, Shaken and Not Stirred!

Shochutini comes in different unique flavors from Misty Ronin ( Soursop, Honedew Mint), Shirota Blossom ( Yakult, Lychee) and Nippon Sling ( Apple, Pome, Shisho). Our favorite is the Matcha Creampie. To be honest, we are quite startled by the first sip, the Shochu really kicks in, following with the sweetness of matcha and vanilla aroma. Really impressive for cocktails that cost you only IDR 68K. Let’s be honest, you can’t find these kind of quality in a glass of cocktail with the most affordable price anywhere else, 1000% Worth it!



Moreover, they are also perfect matches with Yabai’s Tapas, Skewer and main course. gives you the most satisfying finish after every meal. ( and you still can order a whole bunch of food, without having to worry about throwing up the next day)



Finally, moving on the to the main entree and Tapas dishes.  Yabai really knows how to fulfill our longing for comfort warm Japanese cuisine with that Asian taste that suitable for our liking. Everything that we tried is pleasantly delectable! From Pacific Scallop Guratan, Salmon Dynamite Bowl, Karubi Kakuni, Spicy Fried Squid are pleasantly divine and beautifully presented!


Pacific Scallop Guratan – IDR 58K ( Fresh, soft scallops and explore with goodness right after the whole bite)


Salmon Dynamite Bowl – IDR 88K


Karubi Kakuni – IDR 148K


RECOMMENDED MENU – Calling all fried rice lover our there, you really HAVE TO TRY The Salmon Dynamite Bowl, it is so addictive! We just can’t stop eating because the fried rice is that GOOD! take a close up look with that huge Aburi Teriyaki Salmon that is generously seasoned, and adding the Gochujang Mayo is like a cherry on top! every spoon-bite keeps on bombing us with savory and sweet explosion. plus the portion is huge and satisfying for lunch or dinner.

In addition, you will be regretful if you don’t order Yabai’s Karubi Kakuni. Braised Short Beef Ribs, Braised Dalkon with sticky Garlic and Ginger Glaze. First of all, the beef Ribs cuts smoothly like butter, because its that soft and tender. The garlic and ginger aroma is already mouth-watering and taste heavenly delightful for your taste bud.



Overall, if you are looking for modern homey place with vibrant Japanese Food, Yabai Izakaya is the perfect place for you. They are also having an on going discount and promotion! Take note that every Monday you can enjoy all you can drink Infused Shochu for IDR 275K++, Tuesday : All you can drink Inhouse Sake for IDR 325K++, Wednesday : 4 Bottles Beer for only IDR 120K++ , Thursday : Buy 2 get 3 Shochu, Friday & Saturday : Japanese Cocktails 15% OFF and Sunday : All Sake Bottle for 15% OFF. Promo Applies at 6 PM – 10 PM.


Yabai Izakaya open Everday from 11:00 till late : De Ritz  at Jl. HOS. Cokroaminoto No.91, RT.3/RW.5, Menteng, Kota Jakarta Pusat. 

RSVP : 021-3106756

Instagram : @yabaiizakaya 


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