Mr. Fox: A Man Has Stories to Tell

Last week, ISMAYA Group, the one who has established many great restaurants in town, introduced us to their new daring friend called Mr. Fox. Mr. Fox is a charming and witty man who loves to travel. He loves to meet new people around the world and learn about cultural diversities. After strolling around the globe in so many times, he realised that he needed a place to call home. Therefore, he decided to stay and unwind in Jakarta.

Mr. Fox also loves to share his passion with others. So, he opened his own restaurant and served all the amazing recipes of his delicious food-fare and ethereal cocktail concoctions that he learned along his journey. With his good friend – Chef Vebrina Hadi, they create tempting array of dishes with a wide range of flavours. For cocktails, Mr. Fox received a help from the award winning international mixologist – Peter Seabrook, to ensure that every cocktails worth a sip. 

On our visit to his home, we were amazed with the hospitality and atmosphere that he offered. The place looks fancy and sophisticated with a lot of unique decors. Mr. Fox has savoured many foods around the world so he aims to serve delectable International cuisines that you can get only at his home. Trust us, you won’t never get bored with him because he will always have stories to tell.

Spicy Tuna Feuillette // IDR 95.000

A wonderful opening to start our lunch with Mr. Fox. It’s a crispy tortilla with sriracha sauce, spring onion, tobiko and tuna. We love it, especially with a slight spiciness from sriracha sauce.

K.F.C (Krunchy Fried Crickets!) // IDR 75.000

And say hello to Krunchy Fried Chickens  Crickets! We knew that you would probably say “euw” “gross” or “yuck” at the first time but trust us, it’s very delicious actually. They mix the crickets with sambal kacang, crispy garlic and sweet soy caramel. You can put a spoon of crickets on top of tempe cracker and eat both together to get the perfect crunch.

Salmon Cous Cous Salad // IDR 105.000

Super refreshing! This salad is made from pomelo, cous cous, coriander, sweet chilli dressing and salmon as the protein. It’s sweet, sour and a little bit spicy. We can taste a lot of flavours in one bite.

Vietnamese Pork Chop // IDR 190.000

The main dish that everyone will crave for more. The meat is tender, juicy and well seasoned. This pork chop is served with pomelo salad and hainan corn rice. The rice itself is very fragrant, truly a perfect companion to the pork chop.

*non halal

Bebek Goreng // IDR 160.000

Crispy fried duck, served with hainan corn rice, sambal trio and urap. The sambal trio consists of sambal ijo, sambal terasi and sambal matah. You can mix all of it together to get the perfect spiciness. The duck is crispy and perfectly cooked.

Loukoumades // IDR 65.000

Greek Doughnuts with Indonesian tape and peanut butter feelings and cole’s blossom honey. The black one is peanut butter and the white one is tape.

Matcha Cake // IDR 65.000

For the love of matcha. This matcha cake is definitely a sweet closure to end the session. It’s not too sweet, you can still taste the bitterness from Japanese green tea.

Madame St. Germain // IDR 130.000

A very beautiful cocktail to serve. We think that Madame St. Germain is the mysterious lady that Mr. Fox met along his journey. It consists of St Germain, vermouth bianco, strawberry cucumber shrub, sparkling wine.

Gerry Baldini // IDR 100.000

If you prefer something lighter, Gerry Baldini would be a smart choice. It consists of Aperol and aerated fluffy orange juice. The orange sorbet really elevates the flavour.

Francois “Frankie” Fox // IDR 130.000

This cocktail is really catchy! It’s presented inside a Russian doll with fox face. Kind of remind us of Jon Snow and The Starks *the north remembers* *can’t move on from Game of Thrones* *you know what we mean*. It consists of Banana leaf cognac, blanco rum, spice & tea blend, citrus and milk.

Captain Cori // IDR 120.000

Captain Cori is a good friend of Mr. Fox. He is full of fun and adventure. That’s why, this cocktails really portray him so much. It consists of tequila, grapefruit coriander cordial, maraschino, lime and firewater tincture. Don’t forget to read the secret notes from Mr. Fox.

Thank you Mr. Fox for your delightful treat. Hope we can catch up with you again very very soon.

Cheers to many stories to come!

When: Monday – Sunday / 08:00 – 01:00 AM

Where: The Energy SCBD Lot 11A
Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 52 – 53

More info: +6221 5296 1999 / @hello.mrfox

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