Mom Mom Yam

“Ayam Geprek” has been people favorite ever since the trend started. Warm rice in a bowl topped with seasoned fried chicken and sambal, and to top it off, people can choose the level of spiciness usually from level 1 – 10.  Numerous business of this particular meal also expands for the past few years, but not all brand leaves a mark to the market taste bud. But Mom Mom Yam, a fried chicken rice bowl that offers you something different from its variation of products and pricing point.

Located at two separated outlet in Bogor : Jalan Pajajaran Indah No.4 and Jalan Raya Tajur no 77K, and of course they are available for delivery, directly through their Whatsapp number at 0877-000-6775 or via GO-FOOD. Additionally, Mom Mom Yam also opened on weekdays in Jakarta at GO-FOOD Festival Pasaraya Blok M.

No moving on towards the best part, let’s breakdown three of recommended Ayam Geprek menu from Mom Mom Yam :




Begin with the classic spicy ayam geprek, Mom mom yam only use the freshest chili ( no artificial at all) that is generously placed on top the fried chicken. Speaking of a bowl of ayam geprek, the fried chicken actually is the crucial part. Some fried chicken can be overcooked which cause the meat very chewy, or some maybe too bland or too greasy. But somehow Mom Mom Yam manage to make it work and create the perfect savory, crispy skin with moist thick chicken meat. and they give you plenty of huge cuts fried chicken on top.






Unlike other Ayam Geprek that serves mainly ayam geprek with different level of spiciness and cheese toppings. Mom Mom Yam has other interesting delectable sauces such as Teriyaki, Cheese and Sambal Matah. So everyone with different preference has tons of options or should you wish to try ayam geprek in a different way. Mom Mom Yam is definitely perfect for you.



Mom Mom Yam only cost IDR 25K  IDR 32K per bowl, and you may find their stand often in campus event or bazaar also, as it’s pocket friendly, filling and scrumptious! check out their IG Account for more updates : @mommomyam 

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