Hello hello. Hope you missed us – cause we sure do. For the start of this year’s AQUA Reflections Dining Guide, we’ll start off with the fresh bites, from The Land of The Morning Sun – Bulgogi Brother. Located at Lotte Shopping Avenue, this sweet haven is bound to give you an ultimate Korean dining sensation.As always, this article has been reviewed and approved by the official spokesperson of AQUA Reflections, Arnold Poernomo. So without further adieu, let’s get to it shall we?!Bulgogi Brothers - Aqua Reflections Dining Guide The Haemul Bibimbab – rice topped with a medley of seafood and vegetables with a very special spicy sauce becomes our opening. Aside our love for the portion, this bibimbab is well complimented with its fresh produce – making it a very delectable meal to enjoy.Bulgogi Brothers - Aqua Reflections Dining GuideWe then have the Chicken Kimchi Jigae – a spicy kimchi stew, complimented with chicken, tofu and rice cakes – which is later served with rice. This is a perfect meal for those in need of a warm hug on their tummy. The Haemul Gunjung Mandu – is definitely a must try – it’s a very new dish for us as well. This is is a golden brown Korean seafood dumpling served with medley of mussels, shrimps, squids, and vegetables tossed in Bulgogi Brothers’ very own homemade sauce. This is one of our most favorite dish – which we have never seen in Korea. And you can barely smell the mussel after taste. So yes, it’s delicious!Bulgogi Brothers - Aqua Reflections Dining GuideAlas, for the beef, what you need to try is the Bulgogi Brothers special! This menu is a special assorted bulgogi – which is a combination of Unyang & Gwangyang Style Bulgogi. A little fast fact: Gwangyangsik Bulgogi is Bulgogi in the style of the southern provinces in Korea. This thinly sliced imported beef is seasoned in gwangyang sauce, which is served with mushrooms, sweet potatoes, leeks and onions. Whereas the Unyangsik Bulgogi is a famous royal dish, made from minced beef, seasoned with the famous unyang sauce, and hand pressed into a heart shaped beef. These beef can be said as one of the best Korean beef we had in the city! So be sure to try it.Bulgogi Brothers - Aqua Reflections Dining GuideBulgogi Brothers - Aqua Reflections Dining GuideStay tuned for the next AQUA Reflections Dining Guide – as we’ll take you to Marche – for the best hidden treats you might have missed.

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