Meet Our Choice for Jakarta’s Best Weekend Brunch, Bistecca.

When it comes to the UNION restaurant group, one can argue on it’s tedious wait list, and  lip smacking cakes & burgers. However, over the recent years, UNION Group has extend it’s portfolio extensively by creating UNION Deli, The Dutch, and the fine steakhouse Bistecca. This post, is dedicated to the place that has become a true fine establishment that we believe, exceeded way more than Union Restaurant. Situated at Lot 18, SCBD – Bistecca introduce itself as a fine, casual yet elegant Italian steakhouse eatery. Embellished with old Italian antiquities, and decor, the place stole our heart in an instant. Till date, the eatery has been packed with loyal patrons – gathering for it’s fine Argentinian, or Wagyu steak – with a dazzling grace of Chocolate Martini (expect a full booked situation during dinner). However, the one thing one should not miss, is, it’s glorious weekend brunch. Unfortunately there won’t be any special free flow champagne, or alcohol – but do believe us when their menus for the weekend brunch is way too good to be missed.Bistecca Caesar Salad (IDR 110k)
Without a doubt, the best salad you can have in Jakarta. Made on top of a 24 Month years Old Parmigiano Reggiano cheese, this salad is then topped with Crispy Anchovies. We dare to give this meal a 10/10 perfection! The moisture of the parmigiana cheese is simply on point – pulling the whole sensation in your mouth.
Papardelle with Veal Ragout Pasta (IDR 140k)
The glorious pasta that you can have – it’s thick sauce, it’s creamy battered veal, all are served with wild mushrooms and pecorino Romano. The pastas that are served during the weekend brunch are not available during regular dining hours – so be sure to come on the weekend to have this. And another pasta you should have is:Paccheri, with Gorgonzola Sauce (IDR 145k)
Served in a cream based, this pasta is everyone’s favourite (we were dining with our fellow friends), and this pasta rose quickly to the number one spot. A plus point is on the pasta’s texture – that are just too delightful to be described by word. Seriously guys, we can’t explained just how God this pasta is by formal words – or even casual words. Please, do try! Moving on to the slightly heavier selection, if you’re vegetarian, you can have the:

Eggs Florentine (IDR 195k) – or in Melbourne, they would say, Egg’s Benedict. We hate Egg’s Benedict – God knows why. But that doesn’t stop us to try this and give a 9/10! What drive us crazy? The Alba Black Truffles that are splashed on the Hollandaise sauce.The Steak and Eggs (IDR 280k)
200 gr of Grilled Australian Black Angus Rib Eye with Rosemary fries, and egg? Talk about protein! And of course, the Rib Eye doesn’t calm us down as Bistecca literally shoved us with these fine dishes – proving their worth on the nations’ food map.And for the main spotlight, have the Oven Roasted Prime Rib – a 48 hours sous vide steak that are served with Creamed Corn, Caramelised Carrots and Beef Jus (IDR 295). If you asked our opinion, we prefer the Steak and Eggs more due to it’s chunky texture. But if you want to try something different, this Prime Rib is definitely the one for you. Before the final verdict, don’t forget to ask the hospitable waitstaff for your dessert trolley – filled with wonderful selection of treats!Our Verdict? If the sky is the limit, Bistecca is pure heaven when it comes to this weekend brunch. No, we are not paid for Bistecca to post this / to mention that they are the number one spot. But once you’ve savour all the fine dishes we’ve posted up there, you’ll see on why Bistecca deserves your number one spot. Salut to Bistecca, our number one weekend brunch in Jakarta.

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