Luc Belaire

DSP Fine Wine as the exclusive importer of many variant of fine wine would like to introduce variant of French sparkling wine of Luc Belaire Rose, Luc Belaire Rose Fantome and Luc Belaire Brut to Jakarta wine lovers thru Wine Tasting and Dinner at Hard Rock Café, Jakarta on September 10th, 2015.


Variant of Luc Belaire is very famous sparkling wine in its original country, France. Produced in South of France by a big family of winemakers that been established since 1898; Luc Belaire’s sparkling wine variant has been crafted and blended in special way from three kinds of special grapes: Grenache,Cinsault and Syrah that been famous for their fresh and vibrant character.


“The selection of these three grapes as the main ingredients of Luc Belaire sparkling wine gives a special nuance for its lover because it’s not only giving a beautiful color and fruits aroma that perfectly harmonized but it is also delivered the warmth. Delicate process and technic before bottling, created a very rich bubbles in each bottle of Luc Belaire sparkling wine. According to famous French legend, a monk who first tasted sparkling wine exclaimed, “Come quickly, I am tasting the stars!”,”       revealed Mr. Pierre Pinault, Brand Ambassador of Luc Belaire that exclusively come and attend the event.


Serve the variant of Luc Belaire Rose, Luc Belaire Rose Fantome dan Luc Belaire Brut sparkling wine well-chilled with sparkling cocktail or paired with sushi, scallops, fish and white-meat. But served on its own, wouldn’t diminish its distinctive taste.

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