Local Food Festivities at Midtown Jakarta

It seems that local foods is gaining its rage at Midtown Jakarta, a relaxing lounge located in Senopati area. While Midtown has been known for its Western-influenced menu which accompany their awesome range of alcoholic beverage, they recently added some Asian food to the list. Here are some of our favourites!


We kicked things off with a hearty – and by hearty, we really do mean it –  meal of Nasi Campur Bali.  It consists of satay lilit, shredded chicken, egg pindang, dried tempe, veggies and Balinese traditional sambal. It is super tasty, however please take precaution of its spiciness.


The second dish that came out was Nasi Gila – literally “Crazy Rice” in English – which consists of sliced fishballs, calamari and shrimps. Upon our conversation with the restaurant’s manager, he mentioned that we may choose between seafood, chicken and beef as the options. You will also get some emping, a traditional cracker that taste a little bitter. It is quite a nice  Westernized interpretation of Indonesian’s street food.


The last dish presented was Nasi Goreng Buntut or Oxtail Fried Rice. While Nasi Goreng has been quite a popular dish amongst expats, Oxtail might pose as a surprise. Oxtail is very popular in Asia; and for all the right reason as well. Cooked right, it will present a very tender meat that will absorb spices quite easily. Served with pickled vegetables, emping and soup. Although we were sort of disappointed with the soup as it was too salty for our likings.


As for the desserts, we had a taste of their newest menu: Peach a la Mode. Words fail to describe how we loved this sweet treat. The tart itself is presented with two different crusts. The outer layer has a nice crisps while the inner layer is much softer, surrounding a very sweet peach. The dessert came along with a vanilla ice cream covered with a dash of chocolate sauce.


Last but not least, Midtown also just launched their chicken wings menu. We tried the Thai Chicken Wings and Naked Chicken Wings with Lemon Sauce. It is definitely a must-have snacks to go along with beers on the weekend!

DSC_1656 DSC_1655

Overall, we were satisfied with the food offered by Midtown Jakarta. So, when you are in the lookouts to have lunch or hip place to spend your weekend; just head out to Midtown at Senopati Jakarta!


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