A Little Talk in Bekasi

Ever since our visit to Bekasi for a Spring Fling getaway last year, the city that used to be labeled as one of the desolated city has been evolving with more revamped area. Adjusting to the modern lifestyle more snazzy places such as shopping malls and modernize culinary spot is built in line with our generation preference.

For instance there is this one hidden monochromatic coffee shop nestled in a serene neighborhood called Little Talk that has successfully incorporated lifestyle and updated F&B selection to its space. Going under the same management with Vida Bekasi, they aim to be the first thing that pops up in mind when people think of Bekasi.

Truthfully, Little talk wins everything just based on its appearance from inside out. the building itself has its own unique appeal with its peculiar shaped and glass windows to peep in. Little talk kind of reminds you of a co-working space slash cozy concrete coffee shop you find in J-town. And promise you, once you get inside you will forget how strikingly hot Bekasi can be, as Little talk really emphasize comfort and has adjust just the right temperature.






Little Talk Serves complete range variety from breakfast to dinner menu, Little talk takes it pensively when it comes to developing their menu creation. By integrating Western and Asian spices into one, you can experience exclusive taste of fusion dishes. Choices like Spaghetti Sambal Matah, Spaghetti Tuna Rawit, Basil Chicken Thai, Salt + Chili Chicken is highly recommended for you to try.

To start off, Salt + Chili chicken is on top of the list. Enjoy it as a snack or appetizer they successfully spiced the chicken to perfection deep into its bone, the skin is crispy and flavorsome with a lil kick of heat at the back of your throat, and the meat is juicy plus soft. for you who love spicy this winner right here, and also their Spaghetti Tuna Rawit can be dangerously addictive. For main course, there is tons of option for you who like Western, Italian, fusion or even simple American all day breakfast is available at little talk.


Spaghetti Tuna Rawit – IDR 52K


Salt + Chili Chicken – IDR38K


And for the sweet-tooth out who is reading this, do yourself a favor by ordering these sugary heaven : Choco Banana Cheese, Almond Brownie with Vanilla Chocochip Ice Cream, French Toast and Roti Nougat. There is also classic choices like Klapertaart and Banana Split to bring back your childhood memories.

Especially, their newest dessert addition or you can take it as breakfast if you don’t mind the calories. this French toast with Honey Maple Syrup and topped with fresh strawberry and banana is perfectly sweet, although the dish looks quite huge the bread is soft and light, so it doesn’t overwhelmed you at the end. In Conclusion, their french toast can be the cure for a broken-hearted soul.


French Toast – IDR 35K


And of course not to miss their coffee selection, Little Talk adds a little twist here and there in some of their menu, like their favorite item Little Talk’s Coffee Bricks has been long time signature here, with coffee iced cubes in a cup and sweet milk on side, let you experience iced latte in a different universe. For tea lovers, Little Talk has collaborated with Javara that contributes to preserve community based organic products to create unfamiliar tea creation such as Blue Sparkle and Blue Pea Latte.  Little Talk definitely knows how to give you different experience from its food to your daily routine of caffeine boost.


Little Talk Coffee Bricks – IDR 37K & Blue Pea Latte – IDR 30K


Although Bekasi is already on the process of developing its city to be more contemporary, coffee shops like little talk that emphasize the importance of venue, ambience and food is not quite that much yet. That is why Little Talk can be listed as your top list destination in Bekasi, not only for you to hang-out and have brunch but Little Talk also open its space for private events such as workshops, birthday bash and even wedding reception! There is also live music in the outdoor area every weekend to make your day in this city even more merrier.

Find Little Talk Coffee at Insitu, Bumiwedari, Vida Bekasi, Bantargebang, Kota Bks, Jawa Barat 17151. Opens from Monday – Thursday, 9:00 – 22:00, Friday from 8:00 – 23:00 and Saturday – Sunday from 9:00 – 23:00. For more updates and latest menu creation you can follow their instagram account at @littletalkcoffee.  




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