Let’s go Glamping in Jakarta!

Hey guys, are you sick and tired of the daily struggles of traffic and smog? Do you want to get away from the endless cityscape? We do too! We love nature. There’s fresh air, green grass, lots of trees that make us claustrophobic and most importantly, great photo-ops! Once you get out there, you’re guaranteed to have a great Instagram feed for the next week and a half.

“So what’s the problem?” I hear you ask (I know you’re not really asking), the problem? Bugs, and road trips, and camping on cold. hard. ground. Where’s our mattress? What about the toilet? Don’t tell me I can’t bring my hair straightener along! That’s right… isn’t it a nightmare?

But there is an answer to your problems, my good friends, and its name is Glamping. A new word invented by rich teenage white girls who probably live along the California coastline. A perfect combination of Glamour + Camping. Who wouldn’t want that?

picture perfect glamping in jakarta
The picture above may be a bit of false advertising. Glamping this glam isn’t available in Jakarta yet, but look at the possibilities! Today we’ll be sharing with you our Top 5 Best Glamping Places in Jakarta and surrounding areas. If you don’t want to drive, go grab a friend and beauty-sleep your way to glamping paradise.

Gunung Pancar, Bogor

credit: soloraya

credit: soloraya

I kid you not, this is what you will actually see at Gunung Pancar, Bogor. So yes, it may not be as glamorous as some of the others on the list, but the beautiful view of the woods surrounding it more than makes up for that – don’t you think? This is probably for the more “adventurous” ones, the ones that don’t mind wearing sneakers and getting mud on them. Otherwise it’s a clear, well-paved road straight to the camp grounds and it’s perfect for getting a group together.

You want to hold a high school reunion? Why not! This is also one of the cheaper options for those of you who are too spontaneous to save up, a great weekend trip for whenever you need a getaway.

Where: TWA Gunung Pancar
Ciburial, Karang Tengah
Babakan Madang, Bogor 16810

More Info: +6221 3665949 / +62812 1344 6514 / [email protected]

Legok Kondang Lodge, Bandung

Legok Kondang Lodge Glamping Jakarta Bandung  
Legok Kondang Lodge is one of the most popular glamping (or camping in general) places in Bandung – which, you know, is only a couple of hours drive from Jakarta as long as you’re willing to leave before the sun rises. It’s famous for its spectacular nighttime views and serene daytime vibes.

If you ever feel like the lead character in a Romantic Drama that decides to go and find themselves in nature, then Legok Kondang Lodge is definitely the place to go. It balances hippy and basic-bitch perfectly. Who needs Coachella when we have this??

Where: Jl. Raya Ciwidey-Patenggang
KM. 39, Ciwidey, 40973

More Info: +62812 2722 705 / [email protected]

Highland Park Resort, Bogor

Highland Park Resort Glamping Jakarta Bogor 
The Highland Park Resort in Bogor is one of the most famous glamping spots around Jakarta (and yes, Jabodetabek). They’re most well known for their Mongolian-style tents which they have in Standard, Deluxe and Superior models. The first photo (with the luxurious royalty red ceiling) is their Standard Mongolian Camp. The Highland Park Resort has also recently released a new style of glamping that focuses on the traditional tent structures made famous by the Native American Apache Tribe – they’re a very cool bunch of people.

If you think you’re going to be bored there, first of all, you won’t be, second of all, they have plenty of great activities too! You can do the high ropes or the flying fox, go for a horse ride, beat your kids ruthlessly in a game of mini-golf or just send yourself to the spa, because why not?

Where: Jl. Curug Nangka,
Sinarwangi, Sukajadi
Tamansari, Bogor 16610

Check In/Out: 15:00 / 12:00

More Info: +62 251 848 5 777 / +62 855 8132 999 (24h)
[email protected]

Trizara Resorts, Bandung

Trizara Resorts Lembang Glamping Jakarta Netra Tent  
Welcome to Trizara Resorts, Bandung, one of the first to really bring luxury to glamping. With your very own personal tents (that really feel more like hotel suites, but better), and a great view of the outdoors, your Instagram and Snapchat feed is really going to look fancy after this trip.In the photo we feature their Netra Tents, these sleep two people, but they also have ones specially designed for family trips and weird spontaneous group trips for up to four people called the Nasika and Svada Tents.

Where: Jl. Pasirwangi Wetan,
Lembang, Bandung

More Info: +6222-8278-0085 / [email protected]

Sayang Heulang (Eagle Camp), Bandung

Sayang Heulang Camp Eagle Bandung Glamping Jakarta 
For something a bit more semi-outdoorsy and a little more campy, you should try Sayang Heulang (Eagle Camp), Bandung. They’re formally known as Dusun Bambu, a “family leisure camp” which may be why Googling them could take a bit of time. Don’t worry, we’re here to help.

This is a great place to take the family (or your raucous group of friends). The tents are spacious and everything is included in the price so you won’t need to rummage around for your own sleeping bag – which you probably don’t own anyway. They also have a wide range of activities including kayaking in a glass-smooth lake or finding your way around a huge wooden kids’ playground.

Where: Kolonel Masturi KM. 11,
Situ Lembang, Bandung 40551

Check In/Out: 14:00 / 12:00

More Info: +6285721179022 /

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