Let’s Eat! Snow Sherbet with Bing Go!

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January in Jakarta isn’t the most spectacular of times. Instead of fresh, pure white snow, we get torrential rains and flooding. Glamorous. Don’t you wish that The Big Durian would get a magical snowfall too? South Korea is known for many things like short skirts, PSY and bibimbap, but they also have some of the coldest winters in the world, and their love of all things snow have inspired them to bring elements of winter into their hot summer days.

Last week we were invited over to try Bing Go Jakarta’s new menu consisting of several Premium versions of their existing Snow Sherbet Menu. What excited us the most was that they based this new menu entirely on customer suggestions to better cater for the needs of those who love it most (people like us!)

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Both owners have lived in South Korea for an extended period of time and aim to bring the true, Authentic South Korean Dessert flavour to Jakarta. In the many times that we have visited Bing Go Jakarta – because we honestly are really big fans – there are often more Korean customers than there are Indonesian customers. When we asked them why, they said that it’s because Bing Go Jakarta reminds them so much of home. Not just the food, but also the atmosphere. No wonder people say it’s one of the best Korean dessert places in Jakarta.

The space is open, airy and eye catching. It’s got great lighting and a wide outdoor space for those wanting fresh air or a place to smoke. Located inside Gandaria City Mall, there’s plenty of parking space and it’s easy to find.





There are six new menu items that feature premium ingredients and a cool new size that’s perfect for sharing. What should be noted is that they ship a lot of these ingredients straight from South Korea! For example, the Hallabong Ade is a refreshing Yuja Tea spritzer that comes from the extremely famous Jeju Island.

Bing Go Jakarta also imports their tart blueberry sauce and world class sweet potatoes from South Korea. It’s part of what gives them such an authentic taste. We sat down with co-owner Yungky to talk about Bing Go Jakarta and the future of Snow Sherbet (which he insists is not Pat Bing Su because Snow Sherbet is finer, milkier and doesn’t numb your teeth – we agree).


Bing Go Jakarta Real Special


This is the Bing Go Jakarta Real Special, IDR 85.000

It has a mix of dense dark chocolate brownies and creamy New York-style Cheesecake among an avalanche of chocolate shavings and sliced natural almonds. With its rich textures and simple tastes, the Bing Go Jakarta Real Special is one of the most popular items on the new menu.

One thing that we noted was that their New York Cheesecake really is a standout. Different from other Korean Dessert places in Jakarta, you could tell they used high quality ingredients and we would be happy to buy it in a whole slice!


Bing Go Jakarta Summer Special


The Bing Go Jakarta Summer Special is the one we recommend for the type of hot, humid summers Jakarta is known for. With the same creamy Cheesecake and a rich vanilla ice cream, this time you can refresh yourself with the tart and tangy blueberry sauce that they imported especially from South Korea!

The ripe mangoes and sweet condensed milk that they serve separately brings it all together and means that you can really customise the sweetness level and flavour. For IDR 90.000, it’s a steal (:


Bing Go Jakarta Classic Special


If you’re leaning towards classic, then the Bing Go Jakarta Classic Special IDR 80.000 is the one for you.

It has a real authentic taste of South Korea with Injeolmi, a sweet Korean rice cake with a texture similar to Japanese Mochi. They also give you a generous serving of semi-sweet red bean paste and a heavy dusting of Bokkeun Konggaru (roasted soybean powder) which we love for its dry, slightly nutty flavour. Of course, this one also has the awesome cheesecake squares.


Green Tea Jakarta Bing Go


Chocolate Toast Bing Go Jakarta


Bing Go Jakarta also sells Korean Honey Toasts. This one is the Chocolate Toast with a generous amount of chocolate sauce, brownies and wafer cookies, honestly, even just one bite will leave you full. (But then you can un-food-baby yourself by having a bite of the Snow Sherbet again)

Bing Go Jakarta Cheat Sheet

  • Order some Yuja Tea Hallabong Ade while you argue figure out which Snow Sherbet to order.
  • The Premium menu gives you more bang for you buck for only a IDR 20.000 upgrade.
  • Want to eat what your oppas and unnis eat? The Classic Special is the most authentic Korean dessert.
  • Either way, the Summer Special is a must try!
  • Then, if you’re still hungry, or you’re into food porn, get the Chocolate Toast
  • End the trip by going bragging to your friends that you went to Korea *lmfao

When: Mon – Sun ; 10:00 – 22:00

Where: Bing Go JakartaGandaria City Mall, UG
Jl. Sultan Iskandar Muda,
Gandaria, Jakarta

More Info: +6221 2923 6839

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