Less Plastic Don’t Panic by Kona Koffie

With coffee joints overcrowded the city, the same question is thrown over and over again: What makes one different from another? Young and Quirky is the perfect words to describe Kona Koffie at Jalan Wijaya, Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta. Kona stands on the same landmark as New Seoul, Korean restaurant.

Stepping in, you’ll realize how “Selatan” this place can be, from the inside out. Drenched in a vintage homey atmosphere with small intricate details in every corner of this coffee shop can help you to channel your inner avant-grande in the middle of working days. Cozy is such a cliché word to picture how seating inside Kona feels like, but deeply truly it is that comfortable. (Additional info: The smoking area in Kona Koffie is separated from the main dining area. find it in front of the entrance on the left side)





Pride with extensive beverage selection, especially Kona coffee section where there are some pretty unique creations special from Kona. One of our uttermost favorite is “Monday Blast” Who would have thought? That Soda, Honey Lemon and Espresso tasted so GOOD! Even if you are not a coffee drinker, ladies & gentlemen, this drink right here is a top-notch. Plus Kona Koffie is giving buy 2 get 3 Monday Blast every Monday.


Monday Blast – IDR 40K


Unlike any other coffee shops in J-town that usually highlight all the way western food, you can find your ultimate Indonesian comfort food like warm bowl of authentic Bakso Solo,  Nasi Goreng Kampung of your choice, from chicken, lamb, and beef. Soto Mie Iga and even Nasi Goreng Kebui Kambing.

But worry not, Kona Koffie understand clearly how diverse we are, especially in terms of taste and preference. The choices of menu here seems fathomless, you can find variety of salad, steak, pasta, and even Japanese rice bowl

Also giving you a glimpse of how unique and flavorsome Kona can be, here are the dishes you shall try :


Dori Sambal Matah – IDR 65K


Dori Sambal Matah : Served with either rice/potato as this dish has the perfect spiciness level and huge cuts of Dori fillet, crispy skin and soft meat inside, Its filling and satisfying for lunch/dinner.


Cheesy Mush Pizza S – IDR 38K


Cheesy Mushroom : Well if you are a fan of cheese, with no doubt you will love this one. Suitable for appetizer or side meals for your coffee, this cheesy mushroom is seriously cheesy. What we appreciate is the thin crispy crust ratio is well-balanced to the cheese & mushroom, so that you get to be delighted with the cheesy texture and taste more than the dough.


Hanging Beef Steak – IDR 120K


Hanging Steak : Not only giving that “wow” impression from the very first sight. But the mashed potato that is served alongside the steak is light, creamy and savory. You can choose between butter rice or mashed potato as your carbs.


Bakso Solo – IDR 38K


Bakso Solo : Unlike any other bowl of bakso that can be way to salty and strong due to the MSG, the broth is more light as they prefer to bring out the flavor from the meatballs instead. Which is a very smart move and it also taste healthier.

Finally, to cleanse your palate Kona recommend something cool and sweet! For you who are deeply in love with ice cream will go head over heels over Kona’s dessert selection. Ice chocolava, Ice banana Roll, Iscream burger and Pop Freeze sounds like a match made in heaven type of dessert. And one of #JKTGOapproved choice is the Affogatto Sprinkle, mixture of berry goodness; soft vanilla ice cream with a shot of espresso poured over’em can be your number one choice for an afternoon pick-me up. And yet this is another brilliant recipe from Kona!


Sprinkle Affogato – IDR 40K


One must admire Kona for raising awareness “LESS PLASTIC LESS PANIC”. By using paper straw instead that is biodegradable in all of their beverages, and with this positive initiative Kona brings a great example to other F&B business in J-town. As you all know waste from restaurant can cause a greater downfall towards our damaged environment.

Environment, that’s just one point that Kona take a part in. Because in this April, Kona invites everyone to become the missing piece of the society needs through one small movement yet precious towards our society. From the 1st of April you may find dropbox inside Kona Koffie for you to donate your used clothes that are still in good condition, and those clothes will be sold back to the society in form of garage sale and thrift shop, in their special collaboration with Sadari Sedari (non-profit organization). Because just like the quotes says : no act of kindness, no matter how small will ever be wasted.




To wrap up, Kona Koffie is located at Jln Wijaya 1 No.53 Petogogan Kebayoran Baru. Open from Sunday – Thursday : 8:00 – 23:00 and Friday – Saturday : 8:00 – 01:00. Also you guys can check out @konakoffie for any updates and promotions. The current promotion is given to student card holders, enjoy special 20% OFF at any day any time.  For direct contact and reservation : +628 7872 222 337 / +6287 7818 17337. 


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