n afternoon of excitement. 50 guests were invited to Hennessy Press Play 2018, an intimate event combining authenticity of Hennessy and interactive edutainment playful games, at Presidential Suite – Raffles Hotel Jakarta. Hosted by Hennessy brand ambassadors in Indonesia, Anton Wirjono (Indonesia’s top DJ & entrepreneur), Six Pratama (Indonesia rising DJ), and Melle Micheline (content creator), guests were welcomed in a creatively engaging ambiance from start to finish.

Hennessy Press Play 2018 were divided into three sessions: individual experience, group teamplay, and cocktail class 101. The edutainment game started with each guest was challenged to draw their next-to person while introducing themselves. Each individual was given tokens to play the game in the room. In the individual challenge, they could bet on the plink board which leads to trivia questions they have to answer and the people with correct answers win. There were also a life-size Hennessy rubix and puzzle waiting for the fastest guest to solve and win the games.

Group teamplay was played after the individual experience finished. Guests were divided into four groups where the challenge was to play a Pictionary game, which they have to guess a picture based on Hennessy keywords. The other game was the ultimate Black Jack, a card game where players compete against the house with aim to get a hand total of closer to 21 than the dealer without going over 21 (busting). During the game, DJ Anton accompanied the guests with his eclectic house music, setting the mood in the room.



Hennessy Press Play was peaked at the Writers Bar, with guests were presented a curated beverage experience nestled in the heart of Raffles Hotel Jakarta and was inspired by modern tribute famous writers that have come through the doors of Raffles Singapore. At the Writers Bar, guests were served with three Hennessy experience stations, Cocktail Mixing with Jeffrey Bidjos, Signatures the Writers Bar cocktail tasting, and cigar experience. The winner of Hennessy Press Play with the most tokens was also announced during the Writers Bar experience, ending the journey in Hennessy Press Play 2018.

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