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With the rise of tech industries, it’s true that there are several new skills that required but not so many people have it.  and Purwadhika Startup and Coding school is the perfect place to Learn,  get inspired, and be Motivated to be a young successful entrepreneur. So, here’s 3 skills that Purwardhika school provide for you to acquire and elevate to be an exquisite professional in Technology Industry.

Digital Marketing 

On Digital Marketing we try to sell the products that we have through any online channel like Search Engines, Social Media, On-Site Display Ads, and even to your emails. Well, actually it’s not just the usual marketing strategy that you know. It reaches you to your fingertips.

Why it is important for you to learn? Well, since most people are now using devices that can go online and spend most of their time to look on screens, we have to figure out more ways to make money. If you’re a business owner, you have to create an online presence for your company or product for people to know about.

Design and UI/UX

Well, let’s start from UI/UX. UI is User Interface. It’s a program, web or mobile apps interface that we often found when we visiting a website, running a program, or accessing a mobile apps. UX is User Experience. It’s the journey that we feel or experienced while we run a program, access a web or mobile sites.

UI and UX are influenced by design methods. If you know the design rule, you can explore your skills into developing a UI and UX apps or website that can engage consumers. Many big company need a designer, and UI UX designer to fulfil their needs since there are many startups that have already running on the same page.

Learn to Code

Why you need to learn code? Well, there are so many code languages in computing such as, C, Java, PHP, JavaScript, C++, Python, Shell, Ruby, Objective-C, C#, and many more. Since there are so many language, there are many tech company, or even non-tech company that need software developers to create some software, apps, and website.  Even if you’re a business owner, if you want to create a website for your brand, you have to understand coding fundamentals to have the best decisions for your expansions.





So what are you waiting for generation of millennials? Start your days with productive activities and routine starting with Purwadhika Startup and Coding School at BSD Green Office Park, GOP 9 – G Floor, BSD City, Sampora, Cisauk, Tangrang, Banten 15345 and MSIG Sinarmas 40th Floor, Sudirman for more information you can contact them at (021) 30051277 

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