The Launching of Kuliner Indonesia Kaya

Indonesian cuisines are well known for its richness in flavor and culture. And we, JKTGO Team are huge fan of it. Who doesn’t love it any way? Even the world had admitted. In 2011, our Rendang was number one on World’s 50 Most Delicious Foods on online poll by CNN International, followed by Nasi Goreng in number two and satay in number fourteen. See, that’s the truth!

The diversity in Indonesian traditional foods is very interesting to learn because each of them has a story to tell. So, if you want to know more about our local pride, you can watch the TV web series “Kuliner Indonesia Kaya”, by Bakti Djarum Foundation. By watching the series, you can learn about the culture, recipes, and the story behind the making of exquisite Indonesian foods.

We attended the launching of Kuliner Indonesia Kaya yesterday at Almond Zucchini, Jakarta and it was super duper fun! We watched a cooking demo by Jordi Onsu before had breakfasting together with some of influencers. In the cooking demo session, Jordi showed us how to make a perfect Soto Betawi and Sarikayo, a steamed srikaya dessert.

You can’t smell it, but trust us, their Soto Betawi was smelled delicious! It’s rich, tasty and so tempting. And the Sarikayo? Ulala, what a delightful dessert! Kudos to Jordi for showing us how to make these two great dishes.

We learned so much about our traditional foods, so thank you so much for having us. We surely can’t wait for more episode of Kuliner Indonesia Kaya! Click here to watch the first one.

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