Kids Music, Art and Dance Festival by Da Little School

All the way from Singapore, Da Little School for pre-school level has it branch in the city, located at Citywalk Sudirman to be exact.  Da Little Preschool came about after the success with the enrichment programs that have been offered over the years. The preschool idea came about with the wonderful support from parents and the amazing team from Da Little Arts School. Children who attend the full day program also get to enjoy the wide range of enrichment programs at no additional cost. This is to ensure that more family time can be achieved during the weekends, without the need to rush to and fro for lessons over the precious weekend.

Last Week Da little School presents Art, Music and Dance festival in the Main Atrium at Citywalk Sudirman. collaborated with TiTi Indonesia and Aurora Ballet School for this month Kids Art, Music and Dance Festival! So here is the full recap of how Fun and Adorable last week had been! From Monday 17 September, the kids got to listen to one sweet and magical musical story time, then make a little straw flute. The next day, they make another musical instrument which is a little banjo! On Wednesday, the kids learn Mandarin language through Mandarin story telling time. And Thursday, it’s time to craft another tiny musical instrument. The kids strummed  and created their very own guitar, how cool is that?! and to end the Weekdays with unique activities,  making a yummy xylophone!






Then, On Saturday, there were even more exciting activities and performance too! last weekend was so full of creativity, excitement and ART! We watched super loveable ballet performance from Aurora Ballet School, and there was dance workshop for children 18 months and above for both boys and girls. Who can’t resist watching those little tiny toes dancing around the stage?




To wrap today whole story, be sure to register your little one to Da Little School, Pre-school and Enrichment center from Singapore. located at Citywalk Sudirman, 2nd floor unit 16. or feel free to contact them at : 0812 9909 1599.  for more information you also can visit 

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