Keliling Dunia Bareng TPC

The best place to have your favorite street food from all over the world, The People’s Cafe is one of Ismaya Group’s most loved brands. The menu at The People’s Cafe mirrors the best street food from a variety of countries and is designed to suit everyone’s palate and pocket. Always
up to something new, The People’s Cafe this time celebrates exploration and adventure by taking everyone on a trip all over the world at all TPC’s outlets*.



With a menu that highlights global street food, TPC now announces Keliling Dunia Bareng TPC, a photo competition from 14th August 2019 – 13th October 2019 where contestants stand to win 5 return tickets + accommodation to Japan; 5 Instax Cameras; or an IDR 3 million Ismaya gift card. With Keliling Dunia Bareng TPC, all guests can experience the different types of street food items from all over the world at TPC.



All you need to do is pick a dish from our menu, gather your friends up to a maximum of 5 people, bring props related to the country where the dish is from, and take an epic picture together! To make your entry valid, don’t forget to follow and tag our Instagram at @ThePeoplesCafe. Also, use the hashtag #KelilingDuniaBarengTPC & #GlobalStreetFood, and challenge three friends in the caption to make it more exciting. Judged based on creativity of the props, picture, and caption, make sure to set your Instagram to public so we can access and score your photo.



With a cozy and laid back ambience, the modern day cafe serving global street food is the place to be for everyone to relax, have a good time, and enjoy good food. Constantly making people coming back for more, TPC invites everyone to make your dream come true with Keliling Dunia Bareng TPC!

For more info please head over to our website at or for the latest updates check out our instagram at!

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*excluding Balikpapan

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