JKTGO’s Best Things That Happened This Year

It’s the countdown to 2017! We still can’t believe that it’s almost the end of the year. 2016 was a great year for us, and we’re sure it’ll be one we remember even with the many years to come. To end this awesome year, we have compiled 8 highlights of this year that we’ve posted on our Instagram and website (the one you’re on now!). Let’s be nostalgic together with JKTGO’s Best Things that Happened This Year!

1. Pikachu Parade at Central Park Mall 


Our post about one of Ash Ketchum’s cutest buddies (and let’s be honest, it’s probably the cutest pokemon ever) hit more than 20,000 views! So much love for this adorable yellow creature. This December, Central Park Mall in West Jakarta celebrated Christmas with the Pikachu Parade and Meet & Greet (a PikaPika Christmas!). They were strolling around the mall and dancing to entertain visitors. And believe me, it’s AAAAAAAAAAAA! *we screamed inside*

Click here to see how they rock the stage!

2. Burger on the loose! 


Probably the biggest and tastiest burger alive in Jakarta. It live in the North (Pantai Indah Kapuk) but trust us, it’s worth the trip. If you still don’t know what’s inside this burger, and we completely understand why – there is a lot in here, have this list for your calorie counter (from top to bottom):

  • a soft burger bun
  • a perfectly runny poached egg
  • streaky pork bacon
  • melty cheese
  • a juicy pork patty
  • roast pork belly
  • grilled pineapple
  • more streaky pork bacon
  • more melty cheese
  • another pork patty
  • charsiew pork
  • another grilled pineapple
  • even more streaky pork bacon
  • yup, still more melty cheese
  • and yes, yet another pork patty
  • a thick slice of tomato
  • lettuce for health reasons
  • and of course another burger bun

We don’t wanna know how many calories inside *heart breaks*
Click here to see us competing each other to finish this gigantic pork burger!

3. Drunk on 1 Litre of Milo


Another challenge accepted by our team! It was our very first challenge video this year (but the team always challenges each other to ridiculous things). We drank 1 litre of Milo for the classic Milo Godzilla challenge, one of the special beverages by our favourite Cafetaria by Mono. Make sure you don’t miss this neighbourhood cafe in Tanjung Duren, West Jakarta! They have a new concept this year so stop by and taste the new Cafetaria!

See who’s the winner by checking the video here!

4. Make Up for Teeth 

pure-dentalPhoto: Courtesy of

Get an instant smile for the end of the year or the start of the new at the hippest dental clinic in town. Yeah, we didn’t know dental clinics were hip either until we visited Pure Dental Aesthetic. FYI, it’s the first instant veneer in Asia. We were so happy to try this magnificent treatment because it really boosted our confidence. Don’t be scared to smile with your teeth anymore 😀

See how a real Hollywood smile is made of by clicking here!

5. Archery Clash; our new addiction!

archery clash 2

Bored with those so-so activities that everyone’s already tried? Gather your team to play Archery Clash! The place is located in Kelapa Gading, North Jakarta and it’s a fun, action-packed cross between archery, paintball using non-lethal, foam-tipped arrows. Watch this video to see how we roll and see some #real #squadgoals in action! Warning: our team was pretty bad at it…

6. Beauty Pop 


Beauty Pop is our first beauty event, EVER. Were we nervous? Yes of course! But our hard work was paid off by seeing your enthusiasm, JKTGOers! Thank you so much and a big applause to our magnificent make up teachers: Andreas Zhu, Bubah Alfian, Susy Kleo, and Laode Yusuf. More than one hundred beautiful participants came to learn the most coveted of make up techniques over two gruelling days of study and really good food. If you weren’t there, then you were square.

7. Batavia Undercover


We’d just like to say thanks to the Pop! Hotel Team for taking us on a wonderful trip. We discovered many new things about Jakarta. As it turns out, it’s not just about cute coffee shops, fancy dining, thrilling sports, and hip events. It’s also about culture and heritage – two things that just never… get old. Be amazed with our hometown by reading this. These are some places that will never lose their charm and others that should last forever.

8. Hello Kitty Cafe 

hello kitty 6

The most talk-able cafe opened in the middle of the year! This original Hello Kitty Cafe has caught our attention by its cuteness and pinky-themed furnitures. Everyone loves Hello Kitty. Everyone – even those that say they don’t. Definitely the cutest thing that happened to us this year. Let us remind you again with our review.

And folks, that’s a wrap!

Last but not least, thank you JKTGOers for your support! It’s been one hell of a ride for us and we couldn’t and wouldn’t do this without you 🙂

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2017, from the entire JKTGO Team!!!

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