Jakarta’s Top 5 Rice Bowl

2017 has truly become the epitome of rice bowl movement. We’ve taken the liberty to taste some of the tastiest rice out there in the city. So, without a further adieu, here’s the top 5 rice bowl you should order. If we missed any good ones, drop us a word on the comment section below.

Headed by Brian Marshall, LIMAU is our top choice for a fast and delicious rice bowl meal. LIMAU brings you a Nasi Jeruk based – topped with a fantastic variety of condiments – from Nasi Jeruk Ayam Sambal Matah (which is our utmost favourite), Nasi Jeruk Ayam Chigga, and Nasi Jeruk Ayam Basil. You can find them at GO-Food, with price of IDR 35,000.

2. Sec Bowl by Rius Vernandes
The true competition of the famous Eat Lah – started off by hunky chef (yes ladies, he is gorgeous) Rius Vernandes, what started off as a humble startup at a local neighborhood café at Tambora, West Jakarta, Rius has even now opened a Sec Diner at Pantai Indah Kapuk area – Sec Bowl has climbed to the top for their Salted Egg Chicken. Go Food price is set at IDR 42,000 per bowl.Photo: Courtesy of @tomsfoodjourney

For the love of food, if you haven’t try Eat Lah, it’s a must AH! Eat Lah stole the show by introducing the city of Jakarta with a salted egg chicken rice at Jalan Bumi. Couple moments later, the eatery has find its way to Grogol PX food centre, and event to Plaza Indonesia – becoming a permanent tenant. Little tip for you, the Jumbo Salted Egg Chicken Rice portion is way more worth it than the regular portion. Go Food Price is set at IDR 57,000 for the jumbo portion.Photo: Courtesy of

4. Sunny Fat Day
Former Masterchef winner William Gozali also created his raving Salted Egg Chicken Rice Bowl – nestled at SCBD (lucky folks, for those of you living / working there!) What we love about this bowl is it’s sense of not-too-thick salted sauce, compare to the other. If you’re sharing, order their 3 Pax of Salted Egg Chicken – which you can get for IDR 105,000 – instead of ordering individual bowl of IDR 40,000. And yes, you can get it at Go Food under the name of Sunny FatDay.

5. Halal Guys
The Halal Guys, we know – you’re tired of the long queue. But, you can order them via gojek. And whether it’s worth it, yes of course. Though one may argue – including us about the comparison between Halal Guys vs Halal Boys – the guys win our palette more with it’s special dynamic sauce. Go Food can get you this for IDR 55,000.Photo: Courtesy of

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