WHAT: Jakarta’s Best Rooftop Bar
WHERE: Scattered across Jakarta!

Everybody loves rooftop bar – so let’s get in touch with the city’s most iconic rooftop bars – maybe you missed some of them. Have fun and happy weekend!

1. Skye 
Everyone knows Skye. Helmed by city’s biggest restaurant group, Ismaya, Skye Bar has been one of the notable place for you to see and be seen by the city’s elite. Be sure to come during the sunset – it has a remarkable view than the night view. Plus, it’s very breezy. Be sure to dress up and avoid shorts (for male) and slippers – this place has a tight dresscode. Be warned: Reservations cannot be made if you want to sit  by the pool. Its based on first come first serve basis. Oh, the pool is not meant for swimming, FYI. Skye-Edited-4

2. Cloud Lounge & Living Room
Everybody loves this place. Its located right above Altitude, one of the city’s elite sky dining restaurant at The Plaza. Its slightly small so be sure to book your sofa in advance if you want some private space. Beware though, it may be a little humid during the night. And if you want a direct view, its recommended to go to Altitude’s Salt Grill. Cloud Lounge Jakarta

3. Lobbyn
Located right above Fave Hotel Kemang, Lobbyn is one of Jakarta’s urban hotspot. Dominated by fellow youngsters, this place is one of Kemang’s residence hideout for a breath of fresh air.Lobbyn Kemang

4. FJ on 7 
Also located in Kemang,it may not have that dazzling view like the first three lounges – but it definitely hosts one of the best place for a cozy retreat with your friends. Drinks please!Fj on 7 Kemang

5. Lucy in the Sky
Its packed packed, packed. Located at one of the city’s hippest playground, Fairground at SCBD. This place is always crowded with people looking for pre-drinks before they enter Fable (a club right below). Food is okay – but we like the view on how we’re surrounded with majestic buildings.
Lucy IN tHe sky

6. Awan Lounge
Awan Lounge is the jewel of Hotel Kosenda – an artistically designed hotel that is also one of the city’s most beloved retreat. Since its opening, the place is always packed. We love this place because of its warm ambience, and very breezy weather. Plus, the drink is not that expensive. Awan Lounge Jakarta

7. Karumba
S.L.A.M stands for Sky Lounge at Mercure. Nestled at Mercure Simatupang, SLAM is the neighbourhood idea of a great night out. With a swimming pool – yes you can swim, and great food, this place is perfect for you staying in that area.Karumba 7

8. Level 8
This is definitely one of the city’s best kept secret- even for the locals. This iconic place is located at Ritz Carlton Pacific Place Jakarta. What makes it hard to reach? Well – its only open on Friday & Saturday. But the place, is definitely a must visit for you coming to Jakarta – or been living in Jakarta. Level 8 at The Ritz-Carlton Jakarta, Pacific Place (2)

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