WHAT: Jakarta’s Best Dessert
WHERE: Lets’ see em. Shall we?

1. Publico (Varlhona Chocolate)
This place is raved for its famous Varlhona Chocolate Ice Cream – we don’t have the photos. But the place is a great place to visit, especially if you’re looking for a drink or two.Best Dessert Place Jakarta

2. Union (Red Velvet Cheesecake).
Its no question that the place has been praised for its sensational dessert. Started out by Adhika Maxi, and his wife, Karen Carlotta, Union has been one of the toppest place in the city. A little heads up: make sure you do an early check by calling them to see whether Red Velvet is in stock. Its often sold out.UNION Red Velvet

 3. Mojo (Peanut Butter Cheesecake)
We just taste this fine dessert. And it may be considered as one of the greatest dessert we’ve ever tasted in Senopati district. Simply a must have.Peanut Butter

 4. Convivium (Red Velvet)
Convivium started its path very well for their homemade Italian cooking. This place also hosts a Red Velvet. Quick note: Convivium is way ahead than Union to promote this cake. However, it does have a slight difference in terms of topping – where Union use peanuts on top, and Convivium uses coconut.
Best Dessert Place Jakarta

5. Martabak Iwan
Let go of the overrated Martabak Pecenongan, and skip ahead to Jembatan 5 –  where you can find Martabak Iwan. It has a very soft texture, but delicious and strong flavour. A must have for Martabak lovers.Martabak-Iwan

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