Introducing CHEW By Red Bean

Red Bean has been a legend towards Chinese Culinary in Indonesia, counted as one of the top leading Family Restaurant for prolly more than a decade.  This year, Red Bean introduces its New Baby “CHEW” stands for Coffee, Hangout, Eat & Work.  Their latest concept brings a touch of modern twist in every corner of its space, and they has successfully revamp and expand its traditional Chinese menu from A-Z.

With scrumptious cheesy baked rice as their forefront, CHEW presents extensive choices of baked rice “secret recipe” that is definitely beyond compare. But before digging deeper to Chew Finger-licking goodness, let’s zoom in Chew dining space and its ambience.

Just like the H and W stand for, the classic family restaurant has refurnished completely to adjust the taste of our kind, the generation X, whom tend to has this idiosyncrasy of bring work and our most precious thing in the world ( spell : charger) EVERYWHERE! CHEW is both restaurant and co-working space that is why this place is utterly perfect for college students, freelancers and office people as charger plug is spotted in every corner, and even right below the dining table.  Speaking of Dining Table, yes they are crazily wide! So people can place their endless work stuff on the table while still having space for them to sit down and eat.




Nestled inside one of the leading shopping mall in Jakarta, CHEW shines the most from its F&B neighborhood. With is composed ambience and persistent colorways of white and grey shades, add modern simplicity and somehow with that bright light above the dining table, it reflects positivity and somehow help diners to stay awake after getting pretty stuffed from all the food, and finish their work afterwards.

As promised, let’s breakdown CHEW baked rice specialty and they are the expert when it comes to Asian Fusion Cuisine . Turning Chew menu pages seems endless because they offer tons of option with HUGE portion for individual consumption. For its baked rice, there are Curry Beef Brisket Baked Rice, Portugese Chicken Katsu Baked Rice, Seafood Bechamel Baked Rice, Mongolian Beed Baked Rice and Butter Milk Salted Egg Baked Rice. All variant only cost IDR 58K/portion. Each variant are cheesy goodness! Thick creamy marinated rice topped with generous amount of cheese on top that is baked to perfection. Its savory, sweet yet addictive.




If you wish something lighter to snack on, you should try their savory toast series with satay on top, another specialty dishes from CHEW. Well they are as mouth watering as the baked rice. Thick fluffy and buttery toast with eye catching  giant satay sticks. From Szechuan Prawn Toast, Black Pepper Beef Toast, Wasabi Crab Toast and Kung Pao Chicken Toast. Everything cost only IDR 55K. And even though this dish can be considered as a light bite, the size of one portion is still humongous & satisfying.



And one more brilliant innovation from CHEW is the way you order here. Adjusting to our generation who would like everything to be as convenient as possible. CHEW provide this huge board in the entrance, this device is for customer to place their order digitally and definitely more convenient to our liking.



Experience Great Food, Great Place and Excellent Service is what CHEW all about. find them at Central Park Mall, LG floor. Open from 10:00 – 22:00. CHEW is also available for workshops and any kind of office meetings and private events, you can contact them for reservation at : 0811 994412 to keep updated with promo and new menu here is their IG Account : @chew.indonesia.   

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