Hidden Office Cafe at West Jakarta :

Coffee Shops are considered as unofficial offices of an army of modern workers thanks to free wi-fi, good company and perfect place to get your daily booze of caffeine. This time, one hidden cafe located right below an office and right behind one of the well-known vintage restaurant at Gajah Mada area, Restoran Angke is a concealed cafe/co-working space that would get your initiative sense wakes up and busted your buns for the rest of the day!

Nestled in Ketapang Indah busy street, will get you dumbstruck by the giant iron samurai on the entrance, with real birds hanging on the ceiling among the greenery interior decor, welcomes you with harmonious melody chipping. Since AyooKopi is located in the middle of friendly office neighborhood, its not a rare view here to spot office meetings even during lunch time. is under the same management with other ventures that starts with the same nickname “Ayoo” such as, an online shopping retail that mainly revolve around electronics and fashion items, and which is an e-commerce platform for IT and electronics universe. This explains why electronic items inside glass cardboard are spotted in literally every corner.




With spacious area and touch of wooden feels, potted greenery area create comfortable work vibes. And one conspicuous screen in the middle is placed for high quality presentation meetings and event. Also on that same empty space is where live band usually performed every weekend from 7pm – 10pm. Therefore, feel free to work your butt off and have a splendid recharge with amazing Asian food and refreshing Es Kopi Susu while listening to live performance with your business mates.



But for millennials who would like to have more laid-back exclusive seats and stay super comfy, there is one space near the entrance where bean bags are available to rest your back while sipping a cup of cold coffee with laptop on your laps. Well, imagine it as a work trip.

As its work friendly, Food & Beverage is pocket friendly. without doubt Ayookopi offers menu selection that is suitable for customers palate and budget. Asian & Indonesian meals such as Nasi Rawon, Ayam Goreng Bengis, Ikan Dori Sambal Matah, Nasi Kerak Goreng Cobaz, Soto Ayam are available here and only cost you around IDR 15k – IDR 40kish. Regarding the taste, Ayoocafe manage to stay true to Indonesia authentic flavor for every menu and the portion is just right to fill you up.

Indonesian meals for lunch can leave that strong aftertaste from the spices, so to wash it off, end your meal with something icy sweet and have caffeine kick! Ayookopi also serves plenty variation of classic coffee kinds like Es Kopi Susu, Coffee Latte, Cappuccino, Vietnamese Iced/hot coffee and even Taro Latte.  For fares, they still keep you on a budget from IDR 18K – IDR 30K with excellent quality of coffee you could possibly get in expensive coffee shop nowadays.


Ikan Dori Sambal Matah IDR 35K


Nasi Rawon with Sambal, Ben Sprout. Prawn Cracker and Salted egg on the side – IDR 35K


Es Kopi Susu – IDR 18K


Additional information about Ayookopi, there one are for meeting room that is available for rent complete with TV Screen for more private meeting session for IDR 50.000/hour and strictly no outside food and beverage allowed. Also the open space dining area is also open for workshops, talkshow event and seminar.



Should you wish to make advance reservation for office meeting or any event you can directly contact them at 0856 9364 440 or via IG: @ayookopi. There are two outlets of Ayookopi, for dining area and open co-working space is settled in Kompleks Ketapang Indah Blok B3 No.8-9, Jl. K.H Zainul Arifin 2, West Jakarta. And for a quick lunch and your go to coffee you can visit their branch at Mall Ambassador Lt.4 Blok F No.3B, Food District II. Kuningan, South Jakarta. 

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