Hidden Beauty Treatments in Jakarta

It’s also very important for us to relax and calm ourselves after tiring week full of endless works and hectic routines. And one of the best ways to comfort our body and soul is spending your time at spa or beauty clinic. So, we’re hoping that these 6 hidden beauty treatments will be a good recommendation for you to spoil yourself during your free time.

Either you want it to be chocolatey, gold or even milky, we let you decide!

1. Chocolate Bath at Five Senses Spa

Five Senses Spa Jakarta

Who doesn’t love chocolate? Chocolate is good to consume for its benefits to reduce stress and release good endorphins to make us happy. But have you ever wondered what it feels like to take a bath with chocolate? Interesting news for you, you can find this treatment at Five Senses Spa. They offer 60 minutes massage with dark chocolate and oat meal scrub plus chocolate bath. Dark chocolate could protect us from UV lights, which is really good for our skin.

Where: Greenville blok AY No. 11
West Jakarta

More info: / +6221 5698 0456

2. Facial Hydro Gold at CBC Beauty Care

Be bold with gold at CBC Beauty Care! They offer facial hydro gold treatment that has benefits to tighten your face and activate skin cell. From massage to facial, they use gold as the main substance. They guarantee the treatment will be painless and give good result for your skin.

Where: Jl. Wijaya II No. 119
Kebayoran Baru
South Jakarta

More info: / +6221 7258 617

3. Japanese Onsen at Onsen Beauty & Spa

Longing to pamper yourself in a Japanese hot spring near Mount Fuji? If it’s too far, you can now just visit Onsen Beauty & Spa! This place is a hidden sanctuary to relieve your stress and heal your mind & body. To experience the maximum Japanese vibes, you’re able to wear kimono and experience Japanese delicacies at their tatami room after the treatment.

Where: Jl Mampang Prapatan Raya No. 67
Mampang, South Jakarta

More info: / +6221 2753 4427

4. Cryotherapy at Polaris

The first cryotherapy in Indonesia! In Greek, “Cryo” means “cold” and “Therapia” means “cure”. Cryotherapy can be traced back to the Roman Empire, the Ancient Egyptians and even Greek physician Hippocrates era. While in 1978, Doctor Yamaguchi from Japanese modernised whole body Cryotherapy. At Polaris, they use low temperature for the treatment. It’s fast and offers lots of health benefit:

  • relieves pain naturally
  • reduces stress
  • combat insomnia
  • muscle recovery
  • anti ageing and weight loss

Click here to see our complete experience using Cryotherapy at Polaris!

Where: Jl. Gunawarman No. 16
South Jakarta

More info: / +6221 7278 7110

5. Luxury Milk Bath at Gaya Spa

Some said that milk bath is Cleopatra’s favourite treatment to maintain her skin a long long time ago. That’s why, she was famous for her beautiful and glowing skin. Now, you can be like her too! Visit Gaya Spa and experience the luxurious milk bath treatment ever. It has benefits to brighten & soften your skin, reduce stress and increase immune system. They will treat you like a queen for a day!

Where: Jl. Wolter Monginsidi No. 25
Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta

More info: / +6221 726 7648

6. Signature Treatment at Martha Tilaar Salon Day Spa

When it comes to traditional spa and beauty care, Martha Tilaar is the expert! If you’re here, spend some time to experience their signature treatments, inspired by local traditions:

  • Ken Dedes Princess Ritual (Java) – a complete package for women beauty care, followed with a hotherbal bath, an unique feminine smoking ceremony which aims to cleansewomen sexual organ and removes unpleasant odour.
  • Balinese Coconut Body Treatment (Bali) – using Bali Coconut as a scrub, massage oil & body lotion for skin.
  • Batimung Beauty Treatment (Borneo) – a treatment to remove toxins from the body by using black glutinous rice, limeleaves and some typical bangkal wood which can be found in Borneo only.

Where: multiple outlets, click here for details

More info:

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