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We are often driven to compromise on their food choices in the name of keeping up with the city’s fast-paced and on-the-go lifestyle. that makes us put aside our health, but Constantly trying to make delicious and healthy dishes yourself can take time and effort, and as a result, many of us decided to give up. While sustaining a healthy eating habit and maintaining a well-balanced diet can be quite challenging, there’s a simpler solution: healthy catering services.

So here few catering services where you get to customize daily, weekly or monthly diet plans comprising an array of clean, delectable and wholesome meals based on your dietary needs and desires (from low carb to no salt diet and even a diet plan for new moms). And the best part, the meals can be delivered right to your doorstep!


Health’s Kitchen



One of the most affordable healthy catering with many varieties of food and high flexibility. Starting from Rp. 39,000/meal.



Price : Start from IDR 39K/ Portion

Telp : 081255258899 / 082194014197

IG :

Email : [email protected]



Gorry Gourmet



Gorry Gourmet catering service promises an extensive menu with exquisite taste, using only premium and fresh quality products. With the help of committed culinary experts and nutritionists, Gorry Gourmet has several packages focused on keto diet, fat loss, diabetes, cancer treatment, pregnancy, increasing muscle mass, even for children. Even healthy food menus are also available in the form of frozen, natural instant fried noodles, and various healthy snacks.



Price : ± IDR 40K/ Portion

Where : Jl. Palem Raya No. 440, Duri Kepa, West Barat

Telp : +6221 29501248

WA : +62812 8513 0917

IG : @gorrygourmet

Web :



Yellow Fit Kitchen



This catering not only offers a healthy menu but also offers a diet menu for those of you who are on a diet program where you can also choose the menu offered. Having the slogan “cheapest catering diet” this yellowfitkitchen catering offers menus that start from IDR 50K.



Price : Start from IDR 50K/ Portion

Line : @yellowfitkitchen

WA : 0812 9777 2121

IG : @yellowfitkitchen



Kenyang Senang


Credit :@christabellenanetta


Designed based on the Paleo diet, Kenyang Sayang’s meals do not contain sugar, MSG, dairy products, grains, legumes, gluten and, of course, preservatives. Take a look at their Instagram page (@kenyangsenang) to get an idea of their extensive choices of unique gourmet meals such as Indonesian cauliflower fried rice, Shiratake chicken noodles, Cakalang, Tuna sesame fish cake and much more. Expect to spend a minimum of at least IDR 50K/meal from Mondays to Fridays.


Credit : @andriselly


Price : ± IDR 50K/ Portion

Where : Jl. Tebet Utara IV D, No. 6B, Tebet Timur, South Jakarta

Telp : +62 812 8913 8923

IG : @kenyangsenang

Email : [email protected]



Hadi’s Kitchen Catering



Who does not know Dennis Hadi, for him to maintain body fitness, exercise is not enough but must be balanced with healthy food too, so that how this catering is formed. Using quality ingredients and selected herbs is intended not only to maximize nutrition, but also for health. Unlike other diet foods, they still use salt but the uniqueness is they produced their own salt, not the processed one from the factory, so it remains safe for the diet, it’s great right! All the menu contain 400-500 Calories/ meal



Price : Start from IDR 55K/ Portion

Contact :


  • Line : @hadikitchen
  • WA : 0812 1311 8758


  • Line : @hadikitchen.tgr
  • WA : 0812 1311 8758

IG : @hadikitchen_id



Green Spoon



Taking a spoonful of delicious food like Grilled Baramundi Sambal Matah, Chili Lime Beef Steak Fajitas, or Sate Padang doesn’t have to be that terrifying. Containing low sodium, low sugar, less oil, no MSG, and high protein, their box of meals can cater to different type of needs. Indulge on their 450-500 kcals meal if you want to lose some weight, or simply get their high-protein balanced meal if you wish to maintain your body weight. The third option also comes in a bigger portion if you’re on a journey of building up those muscles. They also available on GO-FOOD & Grab-Food.



Price : Start from IDR 65K/ Portion

Line : @greenspoonid

WA : 0812 9927 7558

IG : @greenspoonid






Leafwell strongly believes in the concept that healthy food can still be delicious. Using only premium and organic products, Leafwell offers a variety of dishes with ten unique menus to choose from every week, as well as a number of specialised packages to meet an individual’s body target, loss, maintain, dan muscle up, for about IDR 100K/box. Meals are prepared daily and served in a microwave-friendly box for easy heating.



Price : ± IDR 100K/ Portion

Where : Jl. Bangka raya No. 45A

Telp : +62 8778 1881 811

IG : @leafwellcatering

Web :



Forking Clean



Healthy catering that serves a variety of healthy and vegetarian menus for you. Starting from the typical menu of Indonesia to the western, their emon quinoa avocado-cilantro chickpea salad and rica-rica chicken with brown rice are the most favorite. Super delicious, unique, and most importantly stay healthy.



Price : Start from IDR 355K/ 5 Days

Where : The Peak, Sudirman

WA : +62 8788 1151 944

IG : @forkingclean



3 Skinny Minnies



Healthy caterer owned by beautiful actress Dian Sastro, Skinny Minnies offers a variety of delicious healthy diet menus. The Skinny Minnies package is available in a variety of choices, from five to two weeks. Each package offered has a calorie content of around 350-400 calories. The quality of food offered is less salt, healthy vegetables, and protein of the highest quality, which promises a healthy and full body after consuming these foods. There are different packages for you who want to lose weight, keep your weight steady, or have regular goals of eating healthy foods. As a start, you can choose whether you want the No Salt or No Carb menu.



Price : Start from IDR 1.000K/ 5 Days

Telp : +62813 1670 0584

IG : @3skinnyminnies

Web :

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