Head to Indonesia’s biggest indoor theme park!

Curious to play in a theme park like Universal Studio Singapore (USS)? Now there is no need to go far to Singapore, Japan, or even to the United States.



The biggest Indoor theme park is finally open in Cibubur. This Theme park is hella big! It’s the grandest indoor theme park in the country, they gonna present you 18 rides and shows with the latest technology. In fact, the themepark is much bigger than Trans Studio Bandung which was the first Trans Studio.

The Show there is a combination of holograms and LED special effects, complete with acrobatics from Russia, theres no other like this exist in a world. Currently there are 10 acrobatic players involved, and they gonna add up to 20 players to make it more colossal. After that, there is a stuntshow, which presents a dangerous actions that are commonly found in action films, how exciting!



Here’s the list of rides and games in Cibubur’s Trans Studio Theme Park :



Pacific Rim

Pacific Rim is the first vehicle in the world that combines advanced technology walkthrough and dark ride, as well as immersive four dimensions. Like the Pacific Rim film, visitors will be invited to eradicate Kaiju in order to protect Indonesia.


4D Theater

Visitors can feel the sensation of a giant screen accompanied by spectacular effects. Here, visitors can see the greatness of Superman and Wonder Woman fighting against their enemies.


Zombie Wars

Visitors are invited to fight against zombies in an interactive vehicle with this laser. The combination of technology and human actors will make visitors shudder along the dark and haunted alley.


Ifly Indoor Skydiving

This vehicle originating from England is the first and only vehicle in Indonesia. In this vehicle, visitors can fell, drift, and even somersault in the air in a fun and safe way. Visitors will be accompanied by an internationally certified flight instructor.



Jurassic Island

In this vehicle visitors will ride a large boat to explore the island filled with dinosaurs. This is the world’s first and only immersive tunnel flume ride adventure.


Alien Taxi

Now visitors will be taken into space. This vehicle will make visitors glide fast with spacecraft to see millions of stars, planets and aliens.


Bat Glider

Like bats, in this vehicle visitors will fly and then dive from a height. The view of the Trans Studio Theme Park arena can be seen from this vehicle.


Science Center

The Science Center is a vehicle that contains intelligent robots. Visitors, especially children, can learn about science, the aquatic world, and insects in imaginative ways.



Formula Kart

Visitors can feel the thrill of being a Formula 1 racer by driving high speeds and gliding in sharp turns on Formula Kart rides.


Boomerang Hyper Coaster

In this vehicle, adrenaline will be driven when gliding and spinning rapidly on the cobra roll and vertical loop.


Wave Racer

Foam visitors glide at high speed on the water and crashing waves like riding a jet ski in the high seas.



Visitors can try anti-gravity rides on the Gtavitron. The body will lift and stick without setting foot.


Price :

Weekdays IDR 300K/ Person

Weekend IDR 400K/ Person

When : Monday – Sunday 09:00 – 21:00

Where :  Jl. Alternatif Cibubur No. 230, Harjamukti, Cimanggis

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