Happiness is Namelaka

For the love of dessert, Yoan Tjahjadi and Ivan Setyawan make their own pâtisserie called Namelaka and aim to serve smooth, creamy and soft desserts to the table. Their monochrome-themed dessert store is situated inside Shophaus Menteng, next to Berrywell.

‘Namelaka’ is a Japanese term of smooth & creamy and has been used so many times in making a pastry. All desserts at Namelaka are made with premium and real ingredients without any artificial flavourings and preservatives. One thing for sure, they only make the desserts they love to eat.

“We both are passionate about making cakes and desserts. We love working in the kitchen, love the process from zero to something that people enjoy so much,” said Yoan.

Recently, they launched the new menu called ‘Namelaka Pandora’. In Greek mythology, Pandora’s Box is filled with evil things in the world. But don’t you worry, because this pandora will give you happiness, not sadness! It’s a chocolate sphere filled with exciting dessert elements. Yoan and Ivan prepare this menu carefully to let the flavour shines. It allows them to visualise their desserts and creations more vividly. Even little details are very important in creating this exquisite dessert.

“It is all about layering different flavour into a bite of heavenly goodness and create a marriage of flavours,” explained Yoan.

They have introduced 3 Namelaka Pandora since August. First one is Red Velvet, second one is Caramel Popcorn and last (this month) is Mango Sticky Rice. We had a chance to try this month’s special: Mango Sticky Rice Pandora. It consists of mango namelaka, coconut sticky rice, mango gel, passion fruit gel, almond crumbs, fresh mango and coconut cream sauce. We love it! The sweetness and sourness are well balanced. The passion fruit gel elevates the flavour. There’s nothing to hate about this dessert.

Namelaka Pandora is only available on weekend and they will launch new flavours every month. We surely can’t wait for their upcoming flavour!

Price: IDR 65.000

When: Monday – Sunday / 10:00 – 22:00

Where: Shophaus Menteng
Jl. Teuku Cik Ditiro No.36
Menteng, Central Jakarta

More info: +62813 2023 2025

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