Cinnabomb creates a taste of world’s best cinnamon roll that you can get in town.

Cinnamon roll commonly served in Europe and America for breakfast or dessert. It’s a sweet roll made from flour, sugar, butter, and cinnamon of course. Better eat it while it’s hot so you can still smell the cinnamon fragrant right through your nose. Yum~ such a happy feeling! Who can resist this soft and fluffy dough with buttery cinnamon swirls?

Making the perfect cinnamon rolls isn’t easy as it looks. It needs to be precise in every step. So, it’s the duty for Cinnabomb to show you the criteria for perfect cinnamon roll.

 Now it’s your turn to savour it! There are 6 flavors for their cinnamon rolls : original, nutella, butterscotch, dark chocolate, coffee, and creme brulee. It comes up with 2 sizes, big and small. All are freshly made with high quality ingredients.

Available for delivery from Monday – Saturday but make sure you order it D-1 before you need it. It’s also perfect for any occasions, or even as a sweet companion on your snacking time.

Cinnabomb often open their booth in market/bazaar events in Jakarta. Make sure you follow their Instagram so you won’t miss it!

More info: +62813 1424 8387

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