Guide for Singles to Survive Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is approaching, people! For those madly in love couple, we’re very sure that you have planned something for special day. But for singles? Hmm…

Well, no need to be ashamed because single ladies/gentlemen could also celebrate Valentine’s Day in different yet exciting way. Here are 7 ideas for singles on Valentine’s Day!

1. Gather Your Single Friends and Have Fun

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Who said Valentine’s Day are just for couple? There’s a bunch of good deals from many restaurants on Valentine’s Day and you can plan a special dinner with your best buddies together. Or how about a karaoke night after delightful meals? Rent a karaoke room for 2-3 hours and sing your heart out with all your single friends!

2. Quality Time with Family

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Since Valentine’s Day is all about love and love is also taking care your family, why don’t we use this special time to be with them? If you feel that you haven’t got enough time with your family, this would be the perfect day to hang out. No need fancy dinner or gifts, because quality time is all they need.

3. Movie Night

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If dining out is too mainstream, you can just invite your friends to your house and have a movie night together! You can watch Netflix or find good movies to watch with popcorns or pizzas. How to be Singles (2016), 500 Days of Summer (2009), The Devil Wears Prada (2006), Legally Blond (2001) and still many great movies to teach us that being single isn’t the end of the world!

4. Make Money on Valentine’s Day

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How about doing some projects to earn more money? You can sell your own homemade chocolates, flowers bouquet, art decor, greeting cards or anything related to Valentine’s Day. Couple on Valentine’s Day usually prepare a special gift to their loved one. That’s why this occasion is the perfect time for you to be creative and earn extra cash from it.

5. Hit the Gym

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The easy way to avoid your instagram timeline full of lovey dovey moments is workout! Burn those calories to stay fit and healthy so you can mingle with confident every time you hang out. Zumba, body combat, body pump, yoga, treadmill and dumbbell are gonna be your new best friend during the day.

6. Seek New Knowledges

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7. Me Time

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Prefer to have your own ‘me time’ on cupid day? No problem at all! Since Valentine’s Day is on Wednesday, you can use this time to relax and save your energy for the upcoming half week. Laying down in your bed while watching Netflix, visiting nearest salon/spa/reflexology, shopping for Chinese New Year outfit (if you haven’t found one), reading good books or anything you want that makes you happy. Quality time from you to you!


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