Grand Opening Thai Village Restaurant at Senayan City Mall

The Thai-Teochew cuisine comes from the Teochew families that lived in Thailand – which are indigenous Chinese people that moved abroad there. Thai Village’s history began when one of its founders left Singapore for Thailand, all enthusiastic about learning Thai-Teochew cooking. Shortly afterwards, Thai Village Restaurant was founded and established as a local Singaporean restaurant in 1991.

Thai Village in Singapore is not just a restaurant for the local or foreign visitors and businessmen to dine but also a sophisticated venue for the purpose of conducting business net workings and alliances. We have many Indonesians who dine at our restaurants requesting us to open outlets in Indonesia. Hence, an outlet has opened in Senayan City.  The signature dishes, such as the Braised Superior Shark Fin, Fried Fish Maw, Baked Crab with Vermicelli, Abalone Rice, are cooked and prepared in the traditional Thai-Teochew’s methods.

Aside from taste, in particular we have placed emphasis on the restaurant ambience and interior decorations ensuring that our consumers are able to dine in a relax yet sophisticated atmosphere. The unique cuisine has brought Thai-Teochew cooking to a center stage, which is a major selling point of Thai Village.




For Reservation Contact : 021 – 72781343 

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