Going Loco for Super Loco by UNION

Did you read that right? Yes, you read that right. The long-awaited Mexican-themed restaurant, Super Loco Pacific Place by UNION Group has finally opened — and we’re excited! Jakarta has long been lacking a great Mexican hangout spot with good food, good drinks and a great location. Super Loco Pacific Place is perfect for after work drinks and to avoid the busy rush hour roads Jakarta is so famous for.

Let’s be honest, we weren’t sure what to expect when we first got there. Everything’s been kept so secret until now that we may as well have gone in blind but wow were we amazed! We’ve got to hand it to the interior decorators at UNION Group for always doing such a great job.

Before we dive into the rest of the menu, let us start by saying how great their Entrees were. These little morsels of food really packed a flavour punch – kapow! We really aren’t exaggerating when we say that the Guacamole at Superloco is some of the freshest we’ve ever tasted. All in all, their Spicy Pina Salsa was probably the scene-stealer of the day with the whole table using it in all of their meals and protesting when the waiter was about to take it away. The Elotes, barbecued corn on the cob with chipotle mayo and a generous heaping of cheese was also very nice.


Again, we have to give it to Super Loco Pacific Place for their great bite-sized food – because to call their Tostaditas a snack would be wrong, these little round taco shells are almost over flowing with tasty meats and seafood. The Cangrejo Tostaditas were the clear favourite at our table, with a smooth habanero mayo sauce and fresh lime to cut through the creaminess. Unfortunately we didn’t get the chance to try it with blue swimmer crab during our visit as they were out. While not as tangy and ‘fresh’ as the cangrejo tostaditas in Mexicola, Seminyak these are easily the best versions we’ve had here in Jakarta.

Not to fall far behind, the Carne Tostaditas lived up to their name with juicy cubes of seared Angus rib-eye stacked up on top of each other making for a delightful (and very fulfilling) bite. And for all the vegetarians out there, the Huitlacoche Tostaditas will be a surprising new taste.



Of course, we had to try their Tacos as well – it is a Mexican restaurant after all. With six options available, we were at a loss on what to choose. Eventually we settled with the Baja Tacos, a crispy fried fish with spicy mango salsa and chipotle mayo, and the Res Tacos, a slow-cooked short rib with onion and chili marmalade. Right off the bat we realised that the soft taco shells were different from what other restaurants served – a hearty house made corn tortilla to hold it all together. The portions, generous as always. However we found both lacking, a little dry and a little too meaty – a weird problem to have. We suggest you stick with their small bites.



To finish off the meal we had two modern Mexican-inspired desserts. Both use honey as their primary sweetener which makes it, we assume, somewhat healthier. The Pastel de Maiz Azul is, just as the name suggests a warmed slice of sweet blue-corn bread with smooth ice cream and tart berries. While this dessert sounds a little strange, it was certainly hearty. A dish that could be shared between two.

The Pina, also not hard to guess, is composed of roasted pineapple pieces, chamomile ice cream and thin shards of meringue. Unlike the Pastel de Maiz Azul, this one is a dish best kept to yourself. Hoard away, people and be warned, the ice cream melts fast!


When: 11:00 – 2:00am

Where: Pacific Place, GF
East Lobby (near the Silver Bird taxi rank)

More Info: +6221 5797 3553

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