Going La La La at Lalla

We think that American Latin foods will be the next big thing in culinary scene this year. Recently, we just discovered new restaurants came out with this concept. It would be interesting thing to try, don’t you agree?

And now, let us introduce you to the newly opened restaurant called Lalla, the first American Lation Fusion Restaurant in Jakarta. Nestled between the hustle and bustle of office life and fancy five star hotel, they aim to serve you vibrant food that will make your tummy go La La La! With the cosy atmosphere and charming interior, you will enjoy every second you spend at this place.

We adore their memorabilia wall! It’s created by talented artist, Erwin Windu Pranata. On your visit to Lalla, we suggest you to sit and take a photo at this side.

FYI, the chef behind this restaurant has handled Kilo Bali before. No doubt about the taste and quality!

Croqueta (IDR 90.000)

A perfect starter before the main course. This croquette is made from beef cabeza, manchego cheese and chipotle. Cabeza is the meat from roasted beef head, usually from the cheek. We couldn’t stop eating this, especially when you dip it into the sauce! This is definitely a must try.

Market Fish Balado and Avocado Salsa (IDR 160.000)

It looks small but surprisingly could satisfy our hunger. This Latin-Indonesian fusion food is really delicious, especially when you mix it up together with avocado salsa. They use mahi-mahi fish which is new to our palate. Exotic flavour, tender meat and perfectly seasoned. Don’t forget to add the balado sauce to heat up the taste.

Lady Rossell (IDR 55.000)

This lady is surely very attractive. Forgot to ask about its ingredients, but we’re quite sure that this drink is made from Rosella and oranges (correct us if we’re wrong). It’s sweet and refreshing, perfect to order on sunny day!

Overall we had pleasant lunch at Lalla. At the present time, the concept is fresh and unique. And now, we’re officially declaring ourselves as Latin foods fan!

When: Monday – Sunday
11:30 – 22:30

Where: Lalla
Capital Place, Unit GF
Retail Podium, Jl. Gatot Subroto Kav 18
South Jakarta (next to Four Seasons)

More info: +6221 2793 3287

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