Glow in the Dark Painting by Bartega

Bartega Studio, in collaboration with Jakarta Aquarium, invited 20 enthusiastic participants to join in their highly-anticipated Glow in the Dark painting event. Bartega decided to choose Jakarta Aquarium as their partner due to the dramatic lighting and aquatic atmosphere, which make it as a perfect complement for the luminous painting experience. What makes this event special for Bartega is the use of fluorescent acrylic paint on the participants’ canvas that will light up brightly under UV light that they had installed specially for this event. The purpose of that is to mimic the glowing jellyfish, which became the painting theme on that day.

During the 2-hour event at the aquarium’s “Swirl Tank”, each participant is equipped with a canvas, paint palette, brushes, acrylic paint, and apron. The staffs from Bartega will rotate and teach the participants individually on how to reproduce a Jellyfish painting with a step-by-step instruction.

“In this fast-paced city where technology dominates our live, it’s actually very relaxing to connect myself with a set of painting tools and canvas. In addition, it allows me to rekindle with my childhood hobby and feel productive on a weekday”, said Nadia, one of the event participants.

Through its painting events, Bartega aims to introduce painting as a positive hobby for people of all generations to relax, meditate, and explore their creativity realms.







About Bartega :

Bartega is a painting event organizer, offering weekly classes at restaurants, venues, and office spaces around Jakarta. Benson Putra, Jazz Pratama, and Nadia Daniella founded Bartega in 2017 with the mission to introduce painting as a positive method of recreation, meditation, and self-improvement.

Normally around 30 people gather up in each event to paint on canvas as a way to unwind with their friends. These participants normally hear about Bartega’s upcoming events through their Instagram account and register online through their website. The company does not only offer public classes, but also organizes engaging corporate team building activity through group painting. Their previous clients include Google, Traveloka, IKEA, Unilever, P&G, Djarum, Sampoerna, and many more.

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