Gioi Jakarta

A newly opened restaurant called Gioi Jakarta has caught our attention! It’s the newest kid on the block, situated next to Three Buns, Senopati.


With a “farm to table” concept, and Asian cuisine, they elevate the restaurant game to the next level. All the ingredients are sourced from their very own Hydroponic farm. The owner lives in Ciawi and delivers the plants all by himself to the restaurant for keeping all plants fresh from home. The place is super cozy, with a little bit of rustic touch. We also love the hanging winnows on the wall and sunflowers welcoming in when you enter the restaurant. Modern yet humble.







Sate Lilit


Our lunch time at Gioi is opened by Sate Lilit. It’s not too different from the usual ones you’ll find, but A+ for the presentation, especially with the edible flowers on top (and yes, you will find many edible flowers in almost every dish).

 Asian Beef Tartare


It might be weird for Indonesian tastebuds, but actually it’s not that bad. The presentation is unique with even more edible flowers on top. You have to eat the beef tartare with crispy emping. A combination between traditional and modern cuisines.

Escargot Balado


It’s not served on the usual escargot plates like in other restaurants so you might find it’s not that interesting. But the taste? Impressive! The bread is crunchy, the escargot is cooked perfectly, and both tasted nice with a hint of balado sauce. This is our favorite appetizer of the day.

Balinese Whole Chicken


A whole cooked chicken stuffed with Balinese spices and fragrant rice plus lots of veggies on the side. From the presentation, this is definitely the most tempting. A huge portion that can feed almost 3-4 people. Very well seasoned, their dabu dabu sauce is way too perfect.

Salmon Lodeh


The most beautiful presentation of all! It’s simple yet elegant and almost too beautiful to be eaten… but of course, in the end our curiosity got the better of us and we just had to taste it. Love how they cooked the salmon, it’s not fishy at all and the skin was super crisp! The soup is wonderful.

Red Duck Curry


This dish was the second most beautiful presentation for us. It’s spicier than Salmon Lodeh and they use duck as the main protein. It’s soupy, warm, and very nice. Great for those days when you’re craving for a hit of Thai spice.

Overall, we had a very delightful lunch at Gioi Jakarta. The menus are impressive and two thumbs up for the presentation. Hope they can keep up the good work because we’d hate to lose such a great restaurant.


When: Monday – Sunday / 10.00 – 22.00

Where: Jl. Senopati no. 88
Selong, South Jakarta

More info: @gioijakarta

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