How To: Get Drunk on a Budget

We’re young, we’re reckless and we’re also out of cash. It’s never too early in the month to start saving, besides, why go out only once a week when you can go out three times a week?

In order to make sure that these places really are budget-friendly, we sent our team to get drunk on a budget (three weeks in a row). It turns out that there are quite a few places in Jakarta that favour us alcoholics, so there may be a part two coming in the future.

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Pressure Hour @ Eastern Promise, Kemang

One of the most beloved bars by students, fresh graduates and money-savvy individuals, the hour-long free flow beer at Eastern Promise is a great place to start the night. Of course, when we say free-flow, what we really mean is FREE free-flow beer – that’s right! No need to pay a single cent! The “Pressure Hour” starts at five and ends at six, or whenever someone goes to the bathroom or walks out of the bar. Go for a bathroom break before going in and be prepared to miss some calls – some nights you’ll be with a great crowd who’ll gladly shut up for a few minutes.

When: Every Friday, 17:00 – 18:00

Where: Jl. Kemang Raya No. 5,
Bangka, Kemang, South Jakarta

More Info: +6221 7179 0151


Ladies Night @ Club Jenja, Cilandak Town Square

We’re a firm believer that it’s never too early in the week (or the day) to start drinking. While the free entry and free-flow for Ladies’ Night at Jenja is supposed to be just for ladies, the prices are affordable and most of the time your platonic lady friends are happy to split the cost of your drink. If they aren’t then a) you might want to reconsider your friendship, and b) they can always just go to the bar and grab a couple of drinks for you. Of course, if you’re going to go with option b, you might want to sit away from the bar and don’t tell them that you heard this from us.

When: Every Wednesday, 21:00 – Late

Where: Cilandak Town Square,
Cilandak, South Jakarta

More Info: +62822 1181 3383

Happy Hour @ Beer Brother, Kemang

While we’re sure you all know about Beer Brother, Kemang because of their extensive list of beers – one of the longest in Jakarta. Did you also know that they serve their glorious homebrew beer in 2L glasses for only IDR 70,000? But wait, it gets better! During their happy hour, it’s also a part of their Buy-1-Get-1 Free special, so that’s 2L of beer for only IDR 35,000! Bring a buddy or two and drink yourselves under the table for close to nothing at all. Let’s face it, your Uber ride is probably going to be more expensive anyway.

When: Everyday 16:00 – 20:00

Where: Jl. Raya Taman Kemang 2 No. 28
Bangka, Kemang, South Jakarta

More Info: +6221 7179 6030

Nobar @ Rock ‘n’ Goal, Kelapa Gading

For those of you more into sports or spirits, Rock ‘n’ Goal might just be the perfect place for you. A sports bar at heart with a little more pub spirit than most, Rock ‘n’ Goal, Kelapa Gading hosts more events a month than you can count. This time around it’s the English Premiere League. With beers only IDR 15,000 every time a goal is scored and a short of whisky, gin or vodka for only IDR 25,000 every time a yellow card is pulled – maybe it isn’t a bad idea to bring a couple of friends who don’t drink just so you can hoard the alcohol for yourself.

When: Everyday 11:00 – 2:00am

Where: Jl. Boulevard Raya, Kelapa Gading
Block TT2, No. 7-8

More Info: +6221897 0004 000

Monday Madness @ Pizza e Birra

Pizza e Birra have a couple of outlets scattered throughout Jakarta, perfect for when you’re too lazy to tackle traffic but still want to get smashed. There’s one in Tribeca Park as well for those of you that want to go on a pub crawl. On Mondays they have IDR 12,000 beers Monday Madness @ Pizza e Birra all-fucking-day. Say what you want, but Pizza e Birra have got you, fam. They also have a Beer “Bucket” Special at IDR 96,000 for five bottles (it’s actually Buy-3-Get-2-Free). It’s a little more expensive, though not by much, and it’s available Monday through Thursday from 21:00 onwards. It may also be worth mentioning that Pizza e Birra have flavoured beers for your ‘friends’ who are sissies.

When: All day Monday for “Monday Madness”
Monday – Thursday, 21:00 – Late for “Happy Hour”

Where: Central Park Mall, GF
Setiabudi One, GF
Plaza Indonesia, Lv 5
Gandaria City Mall, GF

More Info:

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