Kopi Susu Bu Lurah

Kopi Susu Bu Lurah is the best Kopi Susu in Indonesia, said Pak Lurah. They also serve Kopi Susu Bu Lurah Greng if you need Kopi Susu with more espresso.

Kopi Susu Bu Lurah located inside Warung MJS, one of a kind Javanese restaurant in Jakarta. The unique thing here is that all coffee extracting or coffee brewing process is using manual process; like espresso is produced with a manual pressing method (Rokpresso). It takes power and effort to ‘Squish’ the coffee essence with this tool.

What to order
  • Es Kopi Susu Bu Lurah
  • Es Kopi Susu Bu Lurah Greng
  • Kopi Susu Bu Lurah Panas
  • Kopi Susu Bu Lurah Greng Panas
  • Vietnam Drip

Price Range/Person

Under IDR 100.000

Opening Hours

Monday - Sunday
10:00 - 23:00


  • Category : Cafe
  • Cuisine : Coffee Shop
  • Set Meals : Not Available
  • Brunch : Not Available
  • Buffet : Not Available
  • Reservations : Not Recommended
  • Credit Card : Visa, Master
  • Dress Code : Casual
  • Vegetarian Dishes : Not Available
  • Free Drinking Water : No
  • Private Rooms : Not Available
  • Delivery : Yes
  • Smoking : Yes
  • Wine : Not Available
  • Car Valet Service : Available
  • Wi-Fi : Available


Jl. Setiabudi Tengah No.11 Setiabudi, South Jakarta

+6221 5252 605

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