aroma pondok sunda

The legacy of Aroma Pondok Sunda Jakarta’s unique age-old family recipes from its founding father has been faithfully handed down to each successive generation. All of the food are specially blended to perfection, and cooked by our master chefs with unique seasonigs, made in a special way. All the ingredients are specially handpicked to ensure that quality is never compromised. Overall, the place boasts an authentic Indonesia cuisine.

What to order

  • Gurame Goreng
  • Nasi Bakar
  • Ayam Bakar

Senayan City, LG Floor No.78, l. Asia Afrika Lot 19, Central Jakarta 10270, Indonesia.

+2 location

Price Range/Person

Under IDR 100.000

Opening Hours

Monday - Sunday:
10:00 - 22:00

Closed on None

Telephone Number

+6221 727 813 88


  • Category Restaurant
  • Cuisine Indonesian
  • Set Meals Not Available
  • Brunch Not Available
  • Buffet Not Available
  • Reservations Recommended
  • Credit Card Amex, Visa, Master
  • Dress Code No Dress Code Applied
  • Vegetarian Dishes Not Available
  • Free Drinking Water No
  • Private Rooms Not Available
  • Delevery No
  • Smoking Yes
  • Wine Not Available
  • Car Valet Service Not Available
  • Wi-Fi Available


Senayan City, LG Floor No.78, l. Asia Afrika Lot 19, Central Jakarta 10270, Indonesia.

+6221 727 813 88

Lottel Shopping Avenue 3rd Floor Unit C15, Ciputra World - Jl. Prof. Dr. Satrio Kav. 3 - 5, Karet Kuningan, South Jakarta, Indonesia.

+6221 298 893 62


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  1. Lucky:

    1 Or No Star At All

    I rarely write reviews, so usually it’s either very good or bad. But it’s my first for the later.

    So I went to Pondok Sunda in Lotte today. There were similar restaurants on the same floor: Warjok Asli (just opposite Pondok Sunda) and Seribu Rasa (the haute one among all, just 20m away). Both are normally quite crowded compared to PS, so was today’s situation. I had tried Warjok and Seribu Rasa a few times, so out of curiosity and because both were quite crowded today (sunday), I went to PS to try.

    In PS, they display all their dishes for selection. Without looking at the menu, I took: “3 tempe, 2 tofu and 1 emping and rice, and black tea (teh tawar)”; no meat for me cause nothing really interested me.

    1. After they served all the food, they hadn’t serve the tea i ordered yet.
    2. When they did, the tea was boiling hot (easily 90 degrees). I hate it when some restaurants serve boiling beverage, unless they’re of fresh leaves teas or teabags. But when people serve ready-to-drink beverages, I think it should be of drinkable temperature, at least not boiling hot.

    3. So I started to eat the food and when I cut the tofu, dirty oil (literally brown color, dark brown) burst out from the inside, like 1 spoonful of oil. I had finished 2 tempe at that time. As soon as I saw the dirty oil, I stopped eating the rest and asked for the bill.

    4. Bill: Rp. 135.000,-
    I was shocked! 1 small tofu is Rp.12.000/piece (not inclusive of tax), so is tempe. This was one of the worst restaurants I have ever been (could be the worst) given its expensive price. Even street side food can be better. Eating in Seribu Rasa/Bunga Rampai/Bengawan at Keraton might cost me even less or say, similar, but with much better ambiance and service. I wouldn’t complain if i was eating at a street side stall.

    I was actually furious with the service, disappointing food. Did I mention I was the only person dining in the restaurant?

    After paying the bill, I went to Warjok (just opposite PS) to eat again cause I was still hungry. I ordered 1 portion of Tempe Bacem (2 pieces), 1 Soto, 1 rice, 1 Emping, 1 tea.. Rp. 60.051,-
    The service is much better, the price is reasonable, the food is great too.

    I do hope the management of Pondok Sunda is aware of this and can improve their service and quality of food.