Too Fast Too Furious in Jakarta

Are you looking for something new and fun to do on your weekends? Do you have a need for speed? Bored of all those regular coffee dates with friends? We are too! There’s so much more to do in Jakarta than just visiting new restaurants and watching new movies. So come with us and live the fast life.

This week we’re all about cars (or karts) and living life dangerously (not really, this is all very safe).


ORD Training Centre

evasive driving school jakarta
Have you ever wanted to be in a high-speed car chase? Well now you (sort of) can! ORD Training Centre focuses on safe driving techniques and instruction. While this course is generally used for those wanting a profession in VIP protection (think bodyguards and supernannies and Jason Statham) why shouldn’t we learn it too?

The course includes in-car fighting, barricade breaching (driving through gates), obstacle avoidance, passenger seat driving, reverse driving and heaps more. Despite what some skeptics say, the zombie apocalypse is coming, so we should be prepared.


Where: Rasuna Office Park Blok FO-04,
Jl. H.R. Rasuna Said
Kuningan, South Jakarta

When: Monday – Friday; 9:00 – 17:00
Saturday; 10:00 – 14:00

More Info: +6221 8353 685 /


Speedy Karting, Pancoran

speedy karting pancoran go kart jakarta
Speedy Karting, Pancoran is the best way to get your friend back for that back handed compliment they threw at you two weeks ago. Destroy them completely on the track while being completely safe as well. Besides, who doesn’t love putting the ‘pedal to the metal’ and going full speed ahead? Breaking is for losers.

Price: IDR 3.000.000 (weekdays) per hour  / IDR 3.500.000 per hour (weekend)

Where: Jl. Gatot Subroto, Kav. 72,
Pancoran, South Jakarta

When: Monday – Friday; 14.00 – 21.00
Saturday – Sunday; 10.00 – 21.00

More Info: +6221 8590 1850 /



Pit Stop Karting, PIK

pit stop karting pik jakarta

For those of you who aren’t anywhere close to the South, maybe Pit Stop Karting, PIK is more up your alley. They’ve been around for a while so when Jakartans say “go-karting” they’re usually talking about this place.

What’s unique about Pit Stop Karting is that they even have the red lights that tell you when to go! Get ready to drive your opponents into the ground (they stopped being your friends the moment you stepped into your vehicles).

May the best driver win!

Price: IDR 40.000 / 5 minutes

Where: Jl. Pantai Indah Selatan I,
Pantai Indah Kapuk, North Jakarta

When: Monday – Friday; 18.00 – 22.00
Saturday – Sunday; 10.00 – 22.00

More Info: +6221 7029 8888 / +6221 7038 8888

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