Jakarta can be very tricky when it comes to bringing your kids for a ball of fun. But fear not- here’s the best spots we’ve gathered for you all!

1. Kidzania
Que sera, sera. Whatever will be will be, make it come true here.
Kidzania is an edutainment recreation center for 2-16 years old kids. Build to look exactly like a city, with roads, buildings, retail stores, and also vehicles, Kidzania invitesguests to learn the many different professions taken by adults. But don’t worry, adults are given a preview to watch the kids through the theater and TV Station-presented within Kidzania.Kidzania Jakarta

2. Snowbay
It is not only about  the swimming pool. It is about the adventure.
Enjoy the splash of enjoyable phenomenal water ride attraction at the Hurricane, Flush Bowl, Cool Running, SnowBay Beach, Typhoon River, and many more only in Snowbay!Print

3. Quicksilver Fun Cruise
Life is too short. Spend your time with the people you love with Quicksilver fun cruise. Enjoy a sumptuous buffet lunch, accompanied with dance performance, and magic show, along with a love music. The yacht will sail along the Onrust Island, Untung Jawa Island, and Ayer Island. It’ll be an unforgettable momentQuicksilver-Jakarta

 4. Giggle
Kids wouldn’t mind to get wet here.Pack up the swimsuits, and head indoors to a new kind of fun! Giggle the Fun Factory is Indonesia’s first indoor water play center. Perfect for toddlers through school-aged kids, this water play area has slip-proof flooring and elevated waterways just at the right height. Giggle the Fun Factory has a dry play area as well, Little Zoo for kids below 1 meter height and Playzone for the bigger ones. The bright, airy space is great fun for babies and toddlers.Giggle Jakarta

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