SENIGMA: Into Wanderland

Follow the Rabbit and Walk with US to SENIGMA: Into Wanderland



In commemoration of World Mental Health Day, Ubah Stigma will hold an art exhibition and Art Therapy workshop entitled “SENIGMA: Into Wanderland.”

The art exhibition will feature the work of the Senigman with the theme of mental health. If you are interested in becoming a Senigman, open submissions for Senigma are still open until the 4th October 2019!

The Art Therapy Workshop will be facilitated by the Adeline Art Therapy Center. The number of participants is limited, make sure you register!


Save the date!
Art Exhibition: 12 Oktober 2019
Art Therapy: 13 Oktober 2019
Venue: @cecemuwe Cafe & Space
Jl. Hang Jebat IX No.6, Jakarta Selatan

Follow @ubahstigma for more information!

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