Ramadan Hampers by BEAU

For Eid this year, BEAU collaborated with stylist Marshella Jastine to bring you curated gift sets that are out of the ordinary. Drawing inspiration from the traditional Japanese custom of sustainable living and gift-giving, they utilize nature-derived materials in ways that they would be able to be reused, cared for and appreciated for a long time to come.

Furoshiki Set

Inside the Furoshiki set, you’ll find our handcrafted pine wood box containing handmade ceramic cookie jar and butter keeper by Manakala Living filled with our cookies, along with our granola and gourmet spreads.

Furoshiki Box Set (IDR 1.590.000):

Berry Chocolate Rugelach
Chocolate Crinkle Cookies
2 x Gourmet Spreads
Manakala Ceramic Cookie Jar
Manakala Ceramic Butter Keeper
Sukkha Citta Ltd Edition Scarf
BEAU Pine Wood Slide Top Box

Tsuno Bukuro Set

Tsuno Bukuro bags were mostly used by farmers in rural Japan as a carryall to store rice or other grains. Learning from these farmers, we designed a reusable canvas bag to carry our cookies and jams. Made from untreated canvas, this bag can also be used to carry and store loaves of sourdough to prevent them from drying out.

Tsuno Bukuro Jam Set (IDR 400.000)

Pandan Kaya Jam
Strawberry and Guava Jam
Mango and Vanilla Bean Jam
Caramel Chocolate Spread

Tsuno Bukuro Cookie Set (IDR 490.000)

Langue de Chat

Tsuno Bukuro Deluxe Set (IDR 690.000)

Langue de Chat
Berry Chocolate Rugelach
2x Gourmet Spreads


Pick Up / Delivery dates
Tsuno Bukuro Sets – 29th May to 19th June
Furoshiki Box Sets – 5th June to 19th June

Pick Up Only
20th – 23rd June


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